Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Five Guys Leeds Review

So after a rather hard personal training session in the gym today, it seems fitting to come home and drool over the little trip I took to Five Guys last week. Five Guys is an American burger chain that recently opened a store last year in Covent Gardens London and now there's one in Leeds!

Having heard quite the stir over this place on social media and more so the fact i cant resit checking out the new places in town, it seemed a no brainier to head to Kirkstall retail park and check this place out. 

Five guys Leeds

Five guys Leeds

The choices at Five Guys are pretty limited, It's quite a small menu in comparison to the other "fast food" establishments, however you can choose the toppings for your burgers, so there's no dismantling the burger to pull out the gherkin, or even worse tomato. Plus there is the addition of a classic American "grilled cheese" on the menu, although something tells this would most be disappointing when you realise it's probably a cheese toasty with a new name. 

Five guys Leeds

I ordered a basic burger (not sure the name on the menu) with cheese, lettuce, jalapenos and ketchup. I was surprised that the burger came with two patty's and it was pretty large. Although from memory it was about £8 so not exactly fast food prices. I'm going to New York the end of February, yeah a little bragging there, but it would be interesting to see if it's actually a similar price there, for so called fast food. It's more like a Nandos alternative come to think of it. Despite the price moan, for a simple burger cooked well it was seriously good. 

The fries were actually delicious, I'm not a fries type of a gal, but it seemed like an incomplete meal without them. I think these were about £3ish. The fries were gurrrdddd. Although it was concerning that the fries are cooked in peanut oil and there doesn't seem to be many signs pointing this out.

Five guys Leeds

I really enjoyed the meal at Five Guys to be honest. It's a Nandos price range and they do sell beers too. For a person who hates Nandos for the fact it's marketed as a restaurant with none existing service, at least with Five Guys, it's marketed as a fast food joint and that is kind of what you get. I'd say it's not fast food prices by any means but the quality and taste justifies this. 

Now the best for last, the most amazing drinks machine ever. With god knows how many combinations on here it's pretty impressive. Take the options for diet coke alone for example, raspberry diet coke, vanilla diet coke, cherry diet coke, cherry vanilla diet coke, yo get the picture. Let's not get me started on the Fanta choice! Grape Fanta! 

Five guys Leeds

Overall, it's good food, more pricey than what you would expect on a first visit but worth popping in to check out if your in the area. If I was passing and not looking for anything too fancy I'd go back, but other than that, it's a place I've tried and wouldn't go out of my way to return too. 

So who's been to Five Guys then?


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