Sunday, 27 July 2014

My first week at the gym...and why ithe gym is not as bad as you think

Firstly it's pretty easy to categorise people who go the gym, the typically body builders, the gym bunnies y'know perfectly toned girls who never seem to break a sweat and prance around the changing rooms like there at home, then there's the rest of who are typically a little flabby feeling slightly awkward about being there.

I decided last week enough was enough feeling flabby and unfit and decided to finally a join a gym! 

I'd put it of for a good few months convincing myself it would be awkward, telling myself it's a waste when I only really know how to use a treadmill and panicking about the most trivial things. What if the changing rooms are weird and awkward layout so I have to uncomfortably get showered and dressed in-front of the gym bunnies making me feel the Mitchell man woman, what if I get stuck in the weird pin coded turnstile doors and mostly I didn't want to look for feel silly and awkward. Plus my biggest fear been what if I'm the unfitness person there. 

I decided things wouldn't change unless I took the plunge, so I finally joined and Monday was the induction. I decided to get changed into my gym clothes at work to prevent any potential changing room embarrassment and set of the gym, now if you've been to pure gym in Leeds you may have notice the massive sign that says gym with an arrow pointing to the side, I however embarrassingly found this actually leads you into the doorway of zizzi's restaurant and in fact the gym is around the corner, after embarrassing walking into the restaurant first, my hopes were not high. Finally entering the gym correctly I then stood there with my phone trying to find my pin code for the turn-stall doors and then proceeding to get my back stuck in there and awkwardly shuffled through. Finally I was in the gym and stood a little glum looking for the changing rooms. After locating them I then realised I needed to buy a padlock, having pre-read everything on the website first I knew the machines took card payments and didn't panic too much about having no change, after 10 minuets of stressfully trying to work out how to get my card to work in the weirdest card payment machine ever I finally had my locker padlock. 

It was then "induction time" I again had no idea where to go but noticed another girl looking lost stood near the induction sign so I lurked near by hoping an instructor would turn up. We got talking and after a few minuets I realised I wasn't alone in my post gym fears, the other girl even said she worried so much about getting in and buying a padlock she came down on her lunch break to ensure she could get in and to make sure she had exactly £4.00 in change for the padlock vending machine. This was very nice to hear it wasn't just me with my "silly" worries. After a couple of minuets a rather polite (good looking) instructor wondered over to introduce his self and show us around. 

I decided at the end of the induction I would book in for a personal training session. I decided I needed someone to really push me, plus as a rule of thumb (in my own head) it's impossible to look silly with a personal trainer. I also really want to tone up and simply the trusty treadmill is never going to get me a tones stomach and abs. Plus I have no clue what I'm doing so this will help a lot. 

I felt confident with myself that evening after my first time (at the gym) and decided to take the plunge for a fitness class. I hate pretty much anything other than the treadmill and I really don't want to stand about in the middle of the gym floor trying to tone up on own with some embarrassing sit ups or weights on my own so taking a class seemed like the only option. 

The next day I booked in for the fast abs class. At the start of the class I noticed it wasn't just me who again looked a little lost and I again got chatting to people. The class was hard and I'm not going to lie I did for the most part spend it collapsed hugging my floor mat in pain, but as I looked around I wasn't alone as people pulled faces at one an other expressing there struggles. I again left a little more confident. 

A whole week has now passed and I'm actually loving the gym. I so glad I took decision to start the classes as there helpful for beginners and it's shown me there are tons more people like me out there who aren't experienced gym goers and are just doing there best to look a little better. I even got up early this morning to try a yoga class, something I've wanted to try for a while.  However been yelled at "that is not downward dog..that is not yoga" by the instructor, wasn't the relaxing experience I thought it would be. However as the girl at the side of me got equally as "told of" there was the exchanging of glances and sniggers and it made the class enjoyable. 

The personal training session however was intense, I left feeling sick and felt like my legs were ready to collapse. I thought that only happened to people on the biggest looser but apparently not. The pain the next day was tough and I practically felt like I was learning to walk again but I was proud of the pain. 

I'm actually shocked I'm about to write to...but I am really starting to love the gym. I'm hoping this will become more and more routine as the week progress. I'm photographing the changes and after the first week I've already noticed some change. I'm not into calorie counting and recording me weight I just want to carry on to try my best and aim to make healthier decisions. I'll hopefully dare to upload the pictures in a few months time. 

What's your views on the gym?


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette look

So if you follow me on twitter and read my previous post, you will be aware that my new favourite toy is the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Since you've all read a million reviews on the product and probably seen it in every YouTube make up tutorial going at the moment, I thought I'd step away from a review as such as share with you my favourite look. 

I did promise myself I would be more adventurous and step away from the greens and blues and try creating more looks with the pinks and oranges but old habits die hard. Now I'm far from good at make up but I do like experimenting, especially with bright bold eyes. 

urban decay electric pallet look

urban decay electric pallet look

urban decay electric pallet look

The shades used here are Revolt, Freak (my favourite), Fringe and Gonzo.

I've really loved experimenting with the pallet so far, however the shades weren't as bright as I thought they would be. However it is easy to build colour with good make up brushes and the colours do blend well.

Thoughts on the look?


Monday, 14 July 2014

Last week was, this week will be #1

I thought I'd start with a new blog series what I'm calling "last week was, this week will be", not the most adventurous name by all accounts. I'm basically wanting a way to motivate myself and a chance to share with you some highlights or thing's I've enjoyed from last week and jot down a few things I intend to do the following week. Kind of like weekly resolutions since I'm pretty sure my to do list for this year is failing badly.

I seem to be spending so much time day dreaming recently about the most ridiculous of things, I feel I'm forgetting to focus on what's going on right now. I'm sure we all have these moments where we daydream but I do feel too much time floating in the clouds, prevents us from building out lives right here. Check me out, going all philosophical on you. 

I will share with you however one thing I do regularly, I have no idea how I started this, but often on days that feel a little mundane I buy a scratch card and leave it in my bag for a while, that way I know that even if my day is bad there is always the chance I've won £100,000.00. A little weird perhaps but it's the small things that sometimes make Mondays much better. I'm also really starting to realise the benefits of having more get up and go. For example I can sit here and look at 1000 Pintrest images for inspiration on how to get the perfect body and why I will feel great clean eating (whatever that diet is cheese and diet coke) but going for just one little run on an evening will always feel a 1000 times better than wishing to change. 

Last week was:

The Urban Decay Electric pallet. I have wanted this for so long and it finally arrived. I bought this when the pallet went live on Cohorted last Monday. Cohorted is a social shopping website, where products are request, when the item goes live the more people who buy the products, the cheaper they become. I will explain this in a separate post soon. However the reason I'm so happy by this purchase is it is something I have wanted for ages. when I saw the item on Cohorted this meant I had to wait for the item to go live, which took about a month I think. My point been I had to wait and it made receiving the item so much better.

It bought the feeling of when I was in college and I would occasionally see a pair of shoes in the window of Schuh. On my little supermarket part time wage I couldn't just afford to go out shopping like I can now, therefore I had to wait, save and I spent my money wisely. The excitement of finally putting my feet into my shiny new pair of shoes was so satisfying. I've talked in the past about how now I seem to have no satisfaction in shopping and have become greedy in some ways. So to have something I for once appreciate (even if that is an eye shadow pallet) and got excited about was nice. 

Contrary to the above statement, last week I took these beautiful trainers on their first outing. That outing been a very short lives 15 minuet jog but still. Despite sitting in my shoe collection perfectly boxed up for a few months amongst my other boxed up hardy worn shoes, I've really fallen in love with these trainers. It also made me feel a little bad taking them out of the box for the first time after 4 months. It really confirmed the above feelings, that I'm somewhat of a materialistic brat. Despite that my 15 minuet jog, made me appreciate the free things in life and the well-being feeling of a short jog (it started to rain...and I had a stitch). I do love been outdoors and I have notice that even completing the shortest exercise session fills me with a lot more pride and happiness than material possessions ever will. 

Last week (in fact all weeks) felt a little social media heavy. I seem to spent a lot of time, checking emails, Twitter, writing blog posts, sending texts, checking Facebook. As much as writing my blog feels productive, waking up to check twitter, or checking emails on my lunch break feels over the top and counter productive. I really don't need this much social media in my life and especially not 24/7. I wrote a post a while back called too much technology and I often wish it didn't exist to the extent it does today. Despite my love hate relationship I will never be able to give up social media but I feel I need to find the technology - life balance. 

Finally on a more positive note from last week, that all seemed a little depressing. I came across this song. It was the kind of song (for me any ways) you hear and fall in love with, I could sit and listen to this all day. Such a calming relaxing song and it sounds a little like my favourite artist Ben Howard.  

This week will be

I'm hoping to book a weekend break this week, when pay day finally arrives. I'm hoping a small trip away will give me time to relax fully and plus it's always nice to have something to look forward to, it keeps us going. I have my heart set on going to Rome, I'm not much the beach bunny I'm far more city chick when it comes to holidays. I like the chance to explore and actually see the world no matter how small a part of it. 

I have talked myself out of joining a gym for months. Telling myself instead I will go jogging as it's free, it's an unnecessary cost, blah blah blah. This month I've convinced myself I can't quite afford to join a gym and I won't have time to go as I will hopefully be in Rome. Firstly the holiday to Rome if it's booked, will last around 4 days and secondly I'm sure I will buy myself more than one new outfit which is the cost of the gym membership. Considering January I bought all the relevant fitness gear. I don't have many plausible excuses. So this pay day, no excuses I will be signing myself up and trying my best to go 4 times a week. I'm hoping if I stick to that I may splash out on an actual fitness plan next month. I'm really hoping that instead of splashing out on clothes and make up trying to look good, I'll mostly feel better from within. 

Not to spend money on anything unnecessary. I'm deciding to leave my bank card at home when I go to work, no more expensive lunches, coffees on the way to work and I really hate to admit I routinely use a cash machine what charges me out of convenience. From now on I will withdraw money at the start of the week and when it's gone it's gone. I'm not going to become "tight" but I need to start asking myself "do I really need this?". I've noticed towards the end of the month when I'm in my overdraft typically, I don't curb my spending at all, I just feel more guilty about doing so and tell myself next month I'll be better. It's a habit that needs to stop. I've decided I will allow myself money for a night out a week, some clothes (but purchases I've thought through) and defiantly no running through Primark like I'm on super market sweep. 

After watching UP sometime ago (yes I cried), it made me see we do actually need money to make us happy and assist us in our life experiences. Despite that not been the point in the film, from an "adult" perspective money goes a long way towards been able to lead a fulfilled life. I'm the grand old age of 23 and there are things I want to tick of the bucket list sooner rather than later, see some of the world, actually learn to drive, eventually buy a house and make it my home, are by no means going to come free. Unless the scratch card in my bag is a winner. 


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Yorkshire Bloggers meet, festival theme

Another day, another blogger event. There seems to be so many recently, my diary is filling up and I can never seem to quite keep track of what I'm doing. Waking up at 1 o'clock (it was Saturday) I quickly hurried to get ready for the Yorkshire Blogger's meet up...which by the way started at 1 o'clock, therefore I arrived fashionably late at 3 o'clock. Luckily there was still plenty going on, Including wellie croquet with Country Attire and outfit styling challenges with Quiz clothing

The theme was festival fashion, so I put on my fav new pair of what I'm calling "holiday print" silk shorts from Ark, blue wedges (obviously walking around in wellies was a step too far), casual denim jacket and festival headband. Arriving the venue, the place was a wash with brightly coloured kimonos and flower head bands so I'm kind of glad I stepped away from the the obvious look. I do wish I had of planned the outfit a little better, although running 2 hours behind I didn't have time to pull everything from my wardrobe in a frenzy. 

Despite the rush of this thrown together outfit, I am very much enjoying the wedges and shorts combination. Also for the record (you may not of even noticed this) but I haven't been attempting any bad photo shopping, I am aware my knee looks like a poorly caved wooden statue on the last 2 photos, I really don't know why, I think it's the way I'm stood. These photos are also really making me want to upgrade my camera very soon. Sorry for the blurry photos. Anyway after giving myself a complex and criticising my own camera there let' move on. 

The meet was held at Revolution and I had a chance to catch up someone of my favourite Bloggers and a few I hadn't met yet. Unfortunately been late I didn't get chance to take any photos. However without bragging I will share with you the amazing goody bags. I know I love seeing other peoples so here goes:

Is there anything you would like to see a review of?


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Holiday wardrobe wishlist

I've spent a good old amount of time the last few days, browsing holiday clothes. Despite yet to have booked a holiday. I'm thinking a city break in the next month, Rome seems to be on the cards as number one but I also wouldn't mind Paris or Copenhagen. 

Since dreaming up holidays I've also been dreaming up a holiday wardrobe, from travel outfit to day wear and evening dresses. Here what's on the wish list so far:

 Travel outfit:
It's always a tricky one leaving the cold UK weather knowing you will be arriving somewhere hopefully hotter you need to get the balance. Plus there's the added factor of comfort without looking like a slob. For this I've picked some ripped jeans (not suitable for any of the things mentioned above) but they look good and I fancy some new ripped jeans. Secondly I've always had a tradition that when going away I get a new pair of trainers to travel in. The checked shirt..well I have a thing for checked items and I've been eyeing it up for weeks!

ASOS: Jeans - £32.00
Motel rocks: Shirt -  (sale) £12.00 
New Balance: Trainers - £35.00

Day wear:
Day wear I don't like to go with anything too fancy, either the days are spent by the pool, in which case there's not much point splashing out on new outfits as it's mostly bikinis and throw on bits. For the more touristy sightseeing types then again it's mostly about comfort. 

ARK: Celfie T-Shirt - (sale) £7.00
ARK: silk shorts - (sale) £12.00

For me evenings on holiday are all about getting dressed up, evening if your just planning on doing nothing more than enjoying the hotel bar, it's nice to feel a little glam on your hols. I've really got a think for maxi dresses at the moment for evening wear and although not very practical at all for a night in Leeds City Centre whilst on holiday there stunning. 

ASOS: Blue maxi dress - £25.00
ASOS: Paper Doll dress - £58.00
ASOS: One sleeve maxi dress - £35.00


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Co-op #Tweet4ATable Leeds

I really do think of the Co-op (or if your me: t cwop) as very much a local shop. Although Asda, Tesco and the other big supermarket chains are storming ahead of the Co-op in terms of size, the Co-op still remains quite local. I pretty much don't know many people who don't have a local Co-op near by. 

In fact if you ever ask me for directions in my neck of the woods and don't know where "t cwop" is then your pretty much lost! Thinking about it it's pretty much a local landmark. 

In our house when were short on the usual milk, bread...(mumbles) wine, the first words anyone seems to say is "why don't you have a walk up to the co-op". I can't quite get across what I'm trying to put, it not exactly Harrords but locally it's more or less a landmark. 

Now after I've said the words "co-op" a total of 8 times (including cwop) there, I think I've established my point a little. So we shall move on to the event now. 



For all you tweeters out there you may have noticed the hashtag #Tweet4aTable popping up over social media this week. The idea behind simply tweet why you deserve a table at one of the 6 UK locations or send tweets to @Tweet4aTable and you could be in with a chance of dining for free at the rather yummy pop up restaurants. The pop up resturant located outside Harvey Nics in Leeds is with us until Friday 11th July so get your tweets on. Tweet for a takeaway is also commencing soon as well so if you fancy a burrito for lunch..check that out too. 

9th – 11th JulyLeedsBriggate, outside Harvey Nichols
1st – 3rd AugustLondonTruman Brewery, Brick Lane
8th – 10th AugustNewquayBoardmasters, Watergate Bay*
10th – 12th SeptemberLiverpoolParadise Place, Liverpool One
17th – 19th SeptemberManchesterExchange Square, outside Selfridges
24th – 26th SeptemberNewcastleGrainger Street, outside Urban Outfitters





Onto the food, from the co-op summer range. Typically the menu reminded me the great British weather, by that I mean the kind of party food that's enjoyable indoors and out, the BBQ backup I'm going to call it.

To start with the great sharing favourite of nachos were delivered, smothered in yummyness of cheese, sour cream, guacamole and sala. 

For main I choose the head honcho burger with BBQ pulled pork, guacamole, sala and sour cream, where as the others had hot dogs and the holy mole burger (I think that's what it was called) and we all choose a side of chill cheese fries. I do rant pulled pork seems to be a recent trend and everyone's jumping on the tex-mex wagon recently but honestly you cant beat it. To say the food was cooked in a pop up restaurant it was surprising tasty and all the food felt replicable, as in I could easily throw this yummyness together at home and host my own great British (back up) BBQ. 



For more details on #Tweet4aTable check out the Co-op website.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Le Tour Yorkshire

It seemed liked forever a little excitement has been building in me for the Tour De France coming to Leeds / Yorkshire. A lot of my friends hadn't been interested in watching a "bike race". Apparently it must be a little "uncool" now a days to support the biggest cycling event in world and morose the biggest sporting event Yorkshire has held...but Saturday morning myself and a quarter of a million spectators "fellow uncool kids" rose from our warm cosy beds that extra bit earlier to show our support for the Grand Depart of the Tour De France setting of in Leeds city centre. 

Bustling through the crowds at 8:30 am. Honestly Saturday morning I really was awake at that time, I excitedly rose from my pit to watch a "bike race". Yes this is my typing this. It was surreal in some ways walking through the centre with the volumes of people all trying to secure there places at the front row to take their places in history. I feel I should mention as I was walking through the crowed I couldn't help but think, if zombies took over I bet this would be the size of an apocalypse crowed. Now that I've made you all click the little x at the top of your screens...thinking freaking weirdo, lets move on to the pictures. 

First up is my shameless tequila inflicted hangover selfie from my night at Hirst Yard (my fav bar in Leeds). If I'm honest even my tequila hangover didn't put a downer on my day as I scurried (scurried.....did I evolve into a rodent over the weekend?) through the crowds, as the amazing folk at The Light in Leeds has given me an invite to their VIP breakfast with complementary amazing views. 

Le Tour Yorkshire

Sipping champagne and bucks fizz (hangover wan't too bad obviously), tucking into croissant's and pain au chocolate, I couldn't help but feel smug that I had one of the best seats in the house for the departure.

Le Tour Yorkshire

The parade before hand set of in the morning with a range of floats to keep the crowed entertained. My favourite has to be the float for Yorkshire Tea...for the funnies reason the crowed behind thinking"what's going on".."why can't I see"..although disappointedly to me, (meanie pants me) a second float coming by the other way came by soon after.   

Le Tour Yorkshire
Le Tour Yorkshire

The crowed began to fill the centre of Leeds more and more as the celebrations got on their way and I shamelessly felt smugger and smugger about my top notch view. As the Team Sky van drove by and the roar of the crowed grew stronger I couldn't help but to jump up at the window more and more with excited butterfly's. 

Le Tour Yorkshire
Le Tour Yorkshire

Le Tour Yorkshire

Eventually the race commenced and as I heard the count down I lept from my chair to let out a scream that I can only (sorry for this next part) compare to when I saw One Direction live for my 22nd birthday. I really didn't know my lungs had it in me or where it came from but I felt somewhat proud to be at such an event. I'm often jealous of other bloggers who post amazing pictures of their seaside villages and so on,but over the weekend I've truly realised I have something to be proud on right on my doorstep and I shouldn't take any part of it for granted. 

Hope you all got to finally see more of my humble surroundings of Yorkshire on the News, TV and News papers. 

Have you been supporting the Tour De France?


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bundobust Leeds review

There seems to be so much excitement in Leeds this week with the opening ceremony of the Tour De France tonight, there seems to be such a buzz going around the city. Leeds seems to evolving so much over the past year and it seems were always happy to welcome on-bored new restaurants & bars with open arms. 

Yesterday I had the chance to visit Bundobust a vegetarian, Indian street food restaurant opening at 6 Mill Hill (a stones throw from the train station for those unfamiliar with Leeds).  Often when I get the chance to visit new restaurants and places in Leeds, the first thing I find myself asking, is will this add anything to the city? Recently there seems of been an influx in trendy cocktail bar/restaurants such as the Botanist and the Alchamist with the opening of the trinity shopping centre. We've seen the hype of Reds True BBQ exceed expectations for delicious american style BBQ grub, not to mention some of my fav restaurants including rare and roast & conch popping up in the past year, but it still felt something was missing. Then tonight Bundobust arrived, offering something quite different. 

bundobust leeds
bundobust leeds
bundobust leeds
bundobust leeds

Bundobust, has delighted me in offering up something new to the city. Stepping away from the cliché cocktails bars and hyped up burger joint this place has taken a risk and for that I adore them. 

Serving up firstly a vegetarian menu, secondly by deciding to serve mostly craft beers and finally by been daring enough to offer up traditional style Indian street food. 

All a delicious combination located in a very understated modest, yet cool setting. Just like the food and drink it's self. I can really see an effectiveness in the simple location with exposed brick, chipboard still showing around place and low hanging light bulb lighting really takes the emphasis on dining and drinking back to basics and offers much more opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of good food & drink and  good company. 

bundobust leeds

For the food it's self we was treated to try two of the dishes from what will be a tapas style menu (or the option to get a dish when a little peckish...there's no formal rules). First I tucked into the more unusual Bhel Puri (puffed rice, tamaran chutney, turmeric noodles, onion, tomato and samosa pastry) which I can honestly say I have nothing to compare this dish to. It kind of tasted like crunch, tomatoay, sweet and sour chilli-esk noodles, told you I had no comparison. However as weird and wonderful as all that sounds it was exceptionally moorish and very very delicious. 

The second dish was something a little more familiar (low and slow mung beans, gara massala  and basmati rice) known as the spice & rice. I'm a huge fan of lentils or bean dishes such as chana dal and this to me feels like comfort food. A nice little warming pot of something flavoursome and filling.

Overall I cant wait to see how the Bundobust takes of and I'm really rooting for this place to be a success. Upon first impressions I was quite unsure what I felt about the place, was it going to be a "posh takeaway" that now served beer such as barburrito? but after trying the food and really getting more of a feel for the place I'm defiantly backing this 100%. It's amazing to see new concepts bought into the city and the food seems something very special. I'm pretty sure over the next few weeks I'll be recommending this to friends and colleges with a lot of enthusiasm. 

Defiantly check this place out!  


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