Friday, 28 February 2014

Toning Halo hair extensions

So if you remember back in November I raved about Halo Hair extensions. Finally I had found hair extensions that were non damaging, non-permanent and easy to put in. However I had a little problem. My hair isn't really blonde, due to my love of toning shampoos it's now actually has more a lilac tint to it. Often at work I find colleagues and customers telling me how lovely and unusual my hair is and asking "how do I get it that colour?". You're probably all hoping for some amazing secret to be unleashed here but the truth is I simply use Lee Stafford's Bleach Blondes shampoo and leave it on for around 5 minuets each time I wash my hair which tones it pinky, lilacy blonde. P.S I colour my own hair done at the salon for my roots, after the 2008 dying my own hair bright yellow I stick to the professionals for that part. 

After falling in love with my Halo hair extensions I became a little dishearten when the colour wasn't a great match any more. I would occasionally put them in swish about like a little mermaid then lovingly put them back in the box with a little sigh. I then had a belated eureka moment and thought I would have a go at toning my hair exensions instead. Since the horror of 2008 I've typically stayed away from hair dye's myself. However fear not as if I could dot his any one can. 

You will need:
Hair Dye (Lorea Feria platinum power hair dye L01)
Toning shampoo (Lee Stafford's bleach blondes, purple shampoo)
Kitchen foil

Step 1
The first step is to bleach your halo hair extensions.Although the extensions are what anyone but me would call bleach blonde already toners generally stick better to bleached hair and I want to try get the extensions as light as possible. I used two boxes of hair dye and split the hair into two sections so I could work the dye in better and not miss any bis. I did find the hair is on two bands (this makes more sense when you see then) so I found after I separated the hair into two I then flipped the top layer over to apply the dye more evenly. Once the hair is dyed (simply follow the instructions on the packet) It's important to rinse the hair thoroughly to remove all the bleach and shampoo out (I used the same shampoo I'm using to tone the hair)

Step 2
The second step is to then apply the toner which comes with the hair dye. You will notice here some parts took very well and the purple streaks are already coming out which shocked me. I've since read online hair extensions take very well to toners and often quicker than your normal hair. 

Step 3
Apply your toning shampoo (at this point you could add a non-permanent hair dye such as crazy colour or directions). I simply massaged the shampoo into the hair and left the hair for 2 minuets. I actually sometimes leave it on my own hair for up to half an hour but I could see how much the toner was working after just a few minuets.

Step 4
Apply a hair mask. This is optional and won't affect the colour of your extensions, however you should treat your halo with as much care as your own hair. They will longer if your kinder too them. Then simply blow dry your extensions and your good to go. I know the pictures look such a deep lilac colour but trust me when you dry the hair of it won't look so dramatic. 

Finally style your Halo hair extensions (I'm not great and this was my first try) then since your looking your best it would be rude not to pop out for a cheeky cocktail.

Hope you found this guide useful.  


miamoo travel kit review

miamoo travel kit - £15.00*
splashy wash 30ml – refreshing citrus shower/body wash, fresh locks 30ml – soothing shampoo for shiny bouncy locks, baba oil 30ml – heavenly oil, great for hair, body and baby massage, huggy lotion 30ml – a non greasy daily moisturiser, spritz and wipe 30ml – a refreshing citrus spritz packed with minerals that has multi uses, cheeky cream 30ml – a natural barrier cream great for adults and babies.

Since I suffer with sensitive skin I was rather happy to be introduced to the new brand Miamoo. Miamoo is a 98.5% - 100% natural skincare range designed for both mums and baby's. Now I'm not a mum and defiantly have no plans to become one any time soon but the idea of a skincare brand that is good enough for a baby's bum sounded good enough to me.  

The brand is the creation of former Apprentice candidate Saira Khan who herself suffers with sensitive skin. After 25 years of trying miracle creams and trying what must of felt like every high street brand out there she eventually created her own.  She realised a few key finds that although plenty of people suffer with sensitive skin there seems to be a new generation suffering with sensitized skin, caused by the increased pollution and general shift in lifestyle trends. One of her main aims became to eliminate key chemicals found in huge numbers of skincare products and substitute these with key natural oils. So after reading about such a well constructed product I couldn't wait to see how well all the research actually translated into the world of beauty. Here are my little thoughts:

spashy wash
The lemon oil in the product was such a lovely invigorating scent and I've found it perfect for the hazy morning "half awake" showers. A little went a long way as the shower gel foamed up well. My skin felt soft and the fragrant scent lingered on my skin all morning. 

fresh Locks
I love my hair, it's no secret. I spent lots on haircare and I'm rather scared of changing my shampoo for even one wash.  However the natural chemical free shampoo left my hair feeling soft and I did feel a little pleased I was been kinder to my hair. I often spend loads on hair treatments and styling products but often overlook any potential chemicals used in actual shampoos. 

baba oil
I had recently been trying out a new cleansing oil on my skin to remove make-up and have been pleasantly surprised. I have always been on of these who presumed adding any kind of oil to skin will make my skin greasy and cause breakouts. I was wrong. Our skin needs oils. The lavender in this product helps sooth my skin and it's perfect to use before bed so the oil can work it's magic over night. It's also useful for more dry areas such as elbows and knees.

huggy lotion
I really never thought I'd find myself using a moisturiser called huggy lotion but I have really grown to love this. It's a easily absorbent moisturiser and light enough to use on the face. Although it's a light moisturiser I have still found my skin has felt hydrated on cold winter days. 

spritz and wipe
The spritz and wipe makes a fab make up remover or cleaner although I've found I've used this more as make up remover. It's gentle on the skin and was sensitive for use on eye make up. 

cheeky cream
This cream is a lot thicker than the huggy lotion and takes a little while to absorb into the skin. I found this works better for very patches of skin to help treat little problem areas than as a typical daily use cream. I also suffer from very dry chapped hands and this makes a cute little handbag essential. I've found this like a luxury version of sudocreme. 

Overall I would recommend the miamoo travel kit, the kit contains everything you need for a full beauty routine and makes for perfect light packing for travel. The products all have a multi-purpose use what's fantastic. 


Monday, 24 February 2014

They're gonna put me in the movies

Dress: Ark clothing: £26.99
Hair extensions: Halo*

This is by all means not a great photo of the dress and I can assure you my hair looked better than in the photo. I thought it's been a while since I did an outfit photo so thought why the hell not. This is a new favourite dress of mine, its so versatile for days out shopping to a  night out or even work wear. I wore this dress Sunday for a trip round a few cocktail bars with friends.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

A little trip to Lush

So every month I love taking a little trip to Lush and trying a few new things, as I don't have a bath it's often a little depressing, however I've really become fond of the Lush shower gels and other non bath products. I especially love the way Lush bring out new special products for every event so there's always something new to try. This month I picked up the Prince Charming shower gel what's become a real favourite. I really wish I picked this up in a bigger bottle thought. I usually buy the smallest sizes as the products last well and It means as soon as I'm finishes It's and excuse to take another trip.

It's Raining Men - Shower Gel 
100g - £4.50
I've surprisingly never tried this before but I love it. For me this product sums up the amazing scents of Lush and in some ways I thought this product had a classic "Lush" smell. I know that's a little weird as all Lush products have a unique scent but that was just my views. Based on the popular honey I washed the kids soap the shower gel has a sweet honey smell with a hint of orange that lingers on the skin all day. The honey based product is also great for anyone who suffers with dry skin.

Prince Charming - Shower Gel
(Valentines collection, still available in selected stores)
100g - £4.65
So I usually look forward to Christmas for the reasons the snow fairy shower gel is released in Lush. However I think I've now found a new favourite. However Lush have done it again the Prince Charming shower gel is a limited edition product for valentines day. Lush you little tease. This is honestly the nicest scent I've ever smelt in a lush product. Although the description is marshmallow roots, vanilla and pomegranate to me this product smells a lot like lemon bon bons. Smelling the product from the bottle in the shop I couldn't make my mind up but was sold on the name anyway. However when I first used this product in shower I was amazed at the powerful sweet yet fresh scent and today I'm of an a little hunt for another bottle before it finally goes. 

Vanilla Puff - Dusting Powder
50g - £4.75
I've never really been sure of the actual use of talcum powder, I simply remember my mum putting it in my swimming cap as a child before my swimming lessons. Was this just me? However it was something I'd not tried so I thought I'd give it a go.  Luckily the bottle comes with a few little instructions for use and explains to pop onto clean dry skin before bed or before getting dresses. It basically takes away any tackiness from the skin and leave its silky and feeling fresh, it's also supposedly good on hot days to keep skin from feeling clammy and would be good for shoes to stop shoes rubbing as easy. It's also a good alternative for a dry shampoo. Overall this was a good new product to try and it's fun finding all the uses for it. It is in essence a luxurious talcum powder with a vanilla scent, but if your a fan of lush it's worth a try. 

Have you tried any new products from Lush?


Monday, 17 February 2014

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

ASOS - Runway lace up ankle boots - £55.00
I simply adore the fine mix of elegance and practicality in these boots. The simple tan leather and chunky heel make these ideal for the current wintery, stormy, rainy weather we're currently having yet remain feminine. I imagine pairing these with some dark blue jeans and a classic mac or boyfriend fit coat for the perfect mix of stylish weather appropriate fashion. 

River Island - Black cut out cleated sole ankle boots. - £40.00
I must admit I do have a few pairs of cut out boots and don't really need any more as I can guarantee I will end up reverting back to my primark pair (honestly best buy ever). Yet I have slightly fell in love with these due to the fact I can imagine they will go with everything. From swing dresses with black tights to skinny jeans to work skirts with blouses I really see the practicality in these boots. The thick white sole clashing against the black with buckle details really will add a grungy fashionista feel to most outfits yet remaining practical. I can also see these lasting through the seasons when worn in the right way.

Nike dual fusion trainers - £60.00
I'm back again with what seems to be my favourite trainers just featured in different colours. I'm still hopeful I will join a gym although my reason now (excuse) is it's too cold on a night. I've been waiting for lighter nights as leaving work around 6 each night does mean it makes things a little awkward but I guess I should just go for at least an hour. I think when I find trainers in my size that I like, I will join....I promise. 

What are your favourites this month?


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Live Laugh Love: Home accessories

Necklace stand* - £9.95
Cotton wool jar* - (sold out)

Living at home is getting a little painful. Not that I don't enjoy the company of my parents (in small doses) plus it comes with the added bonus of my mum doing my washing (that's right I'm 22 and my mum still washes my clothes) but you do tend to find it comes with a few disadvantages. The first of these is you tend to find yourself revoking back to your younger teenage years and confining yourself to your bedroom more and more so you don't feel as sad sat watching TV with the folks dreaming about moving out. The second is that containing 22 years worth of clothes, make up and collected "junk" gets harder and messier. The final bugbear is it feels my bedroom is the only space in the house I can call my own. Also whilst I'm on the subject does anyone else live in a house where you put something down for more than an hour and you mum has "tidied it away" to what as well may be Narnia when it comes to finding things again. Y'know phone chargers, that nail polish, earrings etc. 

Luckily a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Live Laugh Love a delightful shabby chic, vintage, home accessories store. I had a few thought when I browsed through there delightful website, the first it's time to move out so I can take full advantage of this amazing find, followed by this stuff must cost a fortune. 

However fear not little Sammie as it seemed a little fairy godmother was lurking over me. The collection of home accessories is shocking affordable and it finally meant I could add a little touch or elegance to my half childlike half waiting to fly the nest bedroom of mine. Plus I picked up a few little treats which could finally help with my organisation problem (*cough* messy).

I picked up this gorgeous shabby chic necklace stand. Gone are the days of my necklaces hanging tangled from my (overflowing) wardrobe doors. This now takes pride of place of my dressing area and adds a little touch of elegance.

The second thing I picked up was this rather cute vintage cotton wool jar. I love how it adds a little grown up touch to my room and I think it looks stunning. It's also really handy as for some reason cotton wool is something I can never find. 

What do you think?
Have you tried Live Laugh Love?


Thursday, 13 February 2014

House Of Fraser Fashion Show #HouseOfFashion

I must admit as much as I love buying clothes and do enjoy keeping up to date with the latest fashions, I never thought attending a catwalk fashion show would be sometime I'd enjoy. Back in October I attended a few events for Leeds Fashion Week and was amazed how much I enjoyed the show. This week a little invite dropped into my email box for the House Of Fraser fashion show to showcase some new designers (full range here) and I couldn't wait to attend.

Arriving at the show and seeing all the chairs set out and my reserved seat made me a little excited, especially when I had a cheeky front row seat. After a very busy past few weeks it was a brilliant end to the week to see my favourite blogger ladies, have a few too many cheeky cocktails and soak up the exhilarating atmosphere of the fashion show. Plus not to mention eye up (gawp at) the rather stunning male models. 

The music started, the lights were lowered, the spot light was on and the models began strutting there stuff. The show featured collections from Lush Apparel, Lisa Jayne Dann and AKA. I particularly fell for the Lisa Jayne Dann dresses. Swooooon.

The show was very well organises and it was amazing to see so many familiar faces. I must admit my memory is a little hazy after an announcement of free Jager shots at the bar (thank god for cameras) but one thing that wasn't forgettable easy was the rather raunchy grand finale with the lingerie collection. I promise it was hotter in real life. 


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pin Up Beauty Leeds | Beauticians Review

I really find it difficult to find a good trust worthy beauticians, even though I work in Leeds City Centre, I can only think of two salons I've visited, one doesn't do a very good job and one is stupidly over-priced. Lucky this week I was invited down to the new salon Pin Up Beauty, based at Great George Street in Leeds City Centre.

The therapist Lorna, is warm, welcoming and chatty. Everything you need in a beauty therapist. I'm sure we've all sat through one or two beauty treatments where you simply can't relax as your not made to feel welcome. However I was made to feel at ease, welcome and didn't at feel embarrassed about whipping out my chubby little feet ready for my pedicure. 

The treatment I choose was the CND paraffin pedicure which costs £27.00, a basic pedicure is also an absolute steal at £13.00.  

The pedicure began with a relaxing soak in a foot spa. My toe nails were then clipped, filed and the cuticles clipped and pushed back. My feet were then filed to remove all the rough skin or as I think of it, restoring my rhino heels, seriously all those heels take it out on my feet. My feet were then dipped in the warm paraffin wax and wrapped up, which felt amazing and just the little treat my feet needed. After my feet came out feeling soft and the experience was very relaxing. My little tootsies were then painted too perfection. I picked a classic glossy red polish. 

Overall I would 100% recommend Pin Up Beauty and I can't wait to return. The salon offers an amazing range of treatments and the therapist can't be faulted.


53 Great George Street

Treatment provided free of charge

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Roxy Ball Room Leeds

If you want a night of cocktails, Beer Pong, Pool, Ping Pong and good music...keep on reading. If that's not your thing, you just go ahead a click the little cross at the top of this screen, go put the kettle on, make a cup of Horlicks and go feed all your 9 cats. 

Roxy Ball Room is a new bar to Leeds brining a new concept with it. It's been open a few months now and has already taken of extremely well. After my first visit before Christmas it wasn't difficult to see why this place was set to be a huge success. My first visit I was so impressed I've been dragging all my friends and work colleagues back since, all of who love the place too. So this week it was fantastic to be invited to try out the VIP section and have a guided tour. Like I could say no!

The VIP room or private hire room holds up to 60 people and costs £20.00 per hour with the option to add additional drinks packages. 

The private room would be perfect for a Birthday and the cosy sofa's, arm chair and carpeted floor reminds me of a cosy living room. Creating the perfect house party feel....without the risk of broken ornaments or police shutting the par-tay dooowwwnnn...yeah right like my party's are that cool.  Plus this get up comes with the added addition of a pool table and ping pong table (the ping pong table can close up and be hidden away for extra space). The room also comes with its own self serve bar to add to the house party feel. Although I've yet to go to a house party with chilled cocktail and shot glasses. 

The bar it's self is rather unique and unlike any other in Leeds. Walking in from the street up steel stairs lined with old theatre chairs and through the original old hotel doors it almost feels as though the place as been taken over for a down town New York hang out . Walking in to exposed graffiti covered brick walls, steel and metal cage like surrounding's it's almost like you shouldn't quite be there. With original features from the previous hotel still kept around the bar such as the unique stain glass ceiling, it's almost like the place was taken over for secret party. However with welcoming staff and a constant friendly atmosphere it's pretty hard to leave. 

P.S the pictures really don't do this place justice. It's defiantly worth a visit. 

P.P.S Sorry for the lack of posting however when I'm not up to no good, I'm genuinely hanging out here. 

Have you been to Roxy Ball Room?


Roxy Ball Room
1st Floor Trinity Square
Boar Lane

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