Monday, 28 January 2013

My 1st wishlist

My first wishlist: hope you all like, all comments welcome.

I don't know about you guys but i'm defiantly still feeling the pinch after Christmas! The January blues and empty pockets spilling into February so i'v decided to think more carefully about what i buy. 

As soon as i saw the monochrome skinny jeans they jumped out of the page and i need these!! To a lot of people these may seen a little bold but there so me! Is is strange i feel my most comfortable in such statement clothing?

Secondly since purchasing my mid length dress (picture on my blog recently) i'm converted to all mid length items. I really didn't think the dress would suit me but i'm hooked, so i'm stepping things up with this skirt.

This brings me onto the shoes, i'v always been a fan of high-high heels and the bigger the better, been only 5ft2 there more of a necessity in my life (or at least that's what i tell myself every time i buy a pair) so i'v never given any small heels a chance. Until now. 
I'm not sure whats made me want a pair of low pointed heels but there stuck in my head, perhaps id wear these with a pair of boyfriend jeans or dungarees. I'm quite excited to see this fashion trend progress this year, outfit suggestions for these welcome.

The red beanie hat is more a necessity since its been pretty chilly. This winters also made me realise i don't own a hat! Maybe the hat would look pretty good with the shoes in a street style kind of way?

Vintage Jumper..need i say any more. I'm a massive fan and often finding vintage items is a pain, takes time and lots of outbidding on ebay. So i'm thrilled Arc have launched there own vintage section.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

My daily beauty routine

So as part of my new years resolution i wanted a simple beauty regime i could stick to. I'v never had good skin but then again i'v never really stuck to any particular routine. I'v also vowed i will keep up to dying my roots and pay more attention to my hair. I love having blonde hair but as any blonde will tell you it can be hard work, every time i go to the hairdressers the bleach itches my head and i sit there screwing my face up and vow i will return to my natural colour just so i don't have to go through the torture.

I wanted to invest in products for a basic skincare routine that i would keep up to and i choose the classic cleanse, tone and moisturise from clinique. I must say for the price of the products i am yet to notice any difference to my skin the cleanser seems quite mild and doesn't seem to remove all my makeup. The toner has a alcohol smell and the moisturiser seems to make my face shiny.I'm going to give these products a few more months to decide to work there magic otherwise there going to be replaced. 

 Can anyone help recommend some better products? 

So this brings me onto a product i know and love!! Lee Stafford bleach blondes shampoo!!
For anyone trying to achieve there perfect tone of blonde this product is amazing. 

I'm sure all my fellow blondes will agree the best compliment you can get is, how do you get your hair that colour? 

Whenever i'v asked that question to random people myself the answer i always got was Lee Stafford bleach blondes shampoo. I find this product gives my hair a lovely pink tint to it as opposed to the blue tints most blonde/silver shampoos give. I'v since renamed this hair colour milkshake blonde. 

I'm going to also give crazy colour a mention. Since i'm not brave enough to dye all my hair this gorgeous lavender colour (hats of to Kelly O) i sometimes dye just a small section. Crazy colour's are a great way to experiment without permanently dying your hair (although the colour often only stick to bleached hair) I also find the lavender colour eventually washed out to give your hair a silver tint what i love. 

So i understand no skin care routine will suddenly give me a fantastic complexion if i don't eat better and drink more water. I'm pretty good at drinking water but i don't think i will ever be able to eat better, i have too much of a guilty pleasure love for cheese and sausage and egg mcmuffins (only on a Friday not everyday that would be crazy). So i'v since started taking skin, hair and nails tablets from Holland and Barratt.

So finally i might not know my skincare products too well but what i do know and love is my perfume. Here is my favorite day time and night time perfumes. 

As you tell from the lighting these are both nearly empty. For a daytime perfume i love Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka (i'v also found it at a bargain price of £26.45 for 50ml). This is a rather sweet smelling perfume and reminds me of parma violets not sure weather you will think that's a good or bad thing, but this perfume has got me many compliments. 

My choice of night time (or special occasions) perfume has to be Dior Addict.  It's a little more pricey but this fragrance gives me an instant confidence boost and makes me feel sophisticated and indeed a little grown up. This bottle is the smallest 20ml at £35, however since iv given up smoking (almost a month now) I feel i'm entitled to splash out on the 100ml as a congratulations to myself. 

What are your favorite perfumes and how do they make you feel?


My love of quirky books

Yesterday afternoon i was out shopping when i called in Waterstones book shop. I never seem to visit book shops anymore as i don't have time and often i buy all my dvd's, books and cd's of Amazon (last year i became addicted to buying dvd's of Amazon to the point the postman got pretty annoyed at me). Not to mention the key factor here;  i don't read much. So often the books i buy are silly ones. This emphasises why i like to go into the shops as i can flick through the books first.  I'm also yet to discover a book shop that doesn't have a warm, comfortable, cosy feel to it and i enjoy pondering about in them. I found lots of quirky funny books and if i could i would of bought them all. I did look a bit mental laughing very loud in the shop at some of the books.

Been typically hungover on Sunday (last night was a friends birthday, so i was out in Leeds), i'm enjoying flicking through these delightfully little books. 

Hate mail by Mr Bingo, (based on a concept of receiving more fun post the concept hate mail was created, strangers were invited to take part and in return they received a postcard with an offence original drawing on) This is a delightful little book and gave me plenty of giggles. 

You will never be as good a Peter Andre

My favorite reads: Dear Gavin, If you was a supermarket you'd be a Lidl

F in exams, the best test paper blunders by Richard Benson. 

Sign Language: By the Daily Telegraph.

Hope you all had a giggle at these too.


Saturday, 26 January 2013

That gig feeling

So Friday evening i had tickets to see We the kings at the Cockpit in Leeds. I haven't been to a gig in quite a few months and i was rather excited. Sipping lager from a plastic cup and feeling the floor vibrate below my feet as the support band played the excitement was building. As the band emerge onto the stage the crowed rush forward, the music starts as a huddle of people begin jumping. Into the set one of there most popular songs, Sykway Avenue is played and the crowed simultaneously cheers and begin singing the words with the band. The band also played a cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World and ended the gig with their most popular song Check Yet Juliet. I almost forgot how much i love the atmosphere at gigs and i always leave on a high feeling happy. I can't wait for my next gig. Today i bought tickets for Stereophonics at the O2 Acadamy Leeds and i can't wait.

Not the best photo.
We The Kings at the Cockpit Leeds.

Apologies for the typical toilet photo taking session, I'll point out now i'm the least photogenic person ever:
I always hate seeing people in heels at a gig but at least i got a better view: 
Shoes: New look
Jacket: H&M 
Necklace/Bracelets:  Primark

I love collecting ticket stubs

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Why i love the snow

So its cold, its wet, we all struggle to get to work and last year the grit on the roads ruined my favorite pair of red leather boots. A lesson i will only need to learn once, don't wear your best shoes in the snow. 

Yet i can't help but feel the snow seems to bring a sense of community back and make people more friendly. Monday the snow near me was pretty bad and i was left with no choice but to walk 2 hours home from work! Along my travels i was given many halfhearted smiles from fellow "snow walkers" and when i stopped of at a local shop to pick up a magazine everyone in line for the checkouts couldn't seem to stop talking to everyone and anyone who would listen about how bad the weather was. I saw random passers by help push a mans car out of the snow and some children help shovel the snow from and elderly mans garden. It made me think why does it take the snow to make us that little bit less selfless? 

My dog Douglas looking a little like a Yeti

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


So i guess if this is the first entry in the blog that is LittleBlondeLife i should give you a quick introduction to myself. I'm Sammie i'm currently 21 and live in the city of Leeds. I currently don't have much idea as to what personality my blog will take on but i'm already getting excited thinking of ideas to blog about. Been the carefree age of 21 i'm often reminded these should be the best days of my life although it certainly doesn't always feel that way, so i thought i would blog these so-called "best days". The main topics of my blog can expected to be adventure, fashion, food, music and my thoughts on life.

I'm no journalist or photographer, I don't own a dlsr camera or have someone following me about at hand to take my photograph. my aim is to produce a simple blog for everyone to enjoy.  

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