Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Little Pony hair

So for quite a while hair chalks have been on the scene. I've wanted to try them for months but I'm very fussy about the colour of my hair. After seeing more and more people riding the My Little Pony bandwagon I thought it's now or never to try out the freaking awesome trend. 

The pack of 24 hair chalks cost just £6.89 and arrived in super quick time (that's 3 days)
I got a little bit excited when I came home from work to find they had arrived and went a little crazy with all the colours. For a first attempt I'm rather impressed and can't wait to start experimenting with different colour shades. The chalk is easy to apply just dip them in water and slide the colour block along your hair.

With all the colours it's a little messy at the moment and looks more urban graffiti chic then it does the luscious locks of my little pony but I'm really happy with how it turned out, just ignore the rather bad photo. 

I'll try and update you with how long the colour lasts and how long it took to wash out.

What's the verdict?

Have you tried hair chalks?


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My week in pictures 1

Surprising I love seeing other peoples my week in pictures but I've never created one of my own. I always think my weeks seem fairly dull then when I think about it they never normally are, I typically have a few boring days throughout the week as we all do, yet it normally surprises me how much you can actually fit into 7 days. 

A little late posting this, but this was last week, Monday - Sunday.

Bowling for soup gig, Trip to see The Ladyboys of Bangkok, Meal at Akbars, Finding hidden away bars, Nina Nesbitt Gig, finally getting round to watching Breaking Bad.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ladyboys of Bangkok show Leeds

So last week myself and some other lucky bloggers were given the chance to watch the famous Ladyboys of Bangkok show at Millennium Square in Leeds. I see the show arrive year and despite always wanting to go this was the first time I had ever seen the show. My plus one for the evening had already seen the show previous years and warned me I was in for a treat.

Settling into our seats for the evening I was rather pleased in we had what felt like the best view in the house, however all the seats seemed to have a pretty good view and although the seats range in price I wouldn't say there was a bad seat in the house. 

The lights soon dimmed and the show was of to a spectacular star with the most flamboyant costumes and a fast tempo dance act instantly captivating the audience. After the initial wow settled I did then start playing spot the c*ck. (I said that, no taking it back now...too late). Lets be honest here, if you go to a show performed by ladyboys that is going to be on everyone's minds. However I can say they (mostly) look stunning, the mind boggles. 

The show overall is energetic, amusing, funny and in some ways touching during the performance of my way. It's also a little bit racy during the ladyboys tribute to their favourite book....any guesses what this may be? 

I was very impressed with the show overall and will defiantly be returning next year, the show is a mix of traditional Vegas style cabaret, funny sketches and tributes to both old and new pop acts such as Ninki Minaj, Girls Aloud and Tina Turner. 


P.S big thank you to the lovely Terri Lowe, for the invitation. 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Brooklyn Brewery pop-up bar

I love finding new bars and the only thing that makes finding a new bar more exciting is finding secret bars. An old boarded up building might seems an un-attractive un-appealing location for a bar but this place is a hidden gem. Finding the bar by the B logo on the door this place a well kept secret. Although when the bar is open its a little easier to spot. 

The venue has been transformed (a little) with an old cash register selling beer tokens on the door and the recognisable Brooklyn Brewery logo on the wall. It might seem a bit drab to some still but I love the idea of the no-frills bar with simple wooden benches (ideal for chit chat), good beer and good music. Plus it add to the feel you have found something secretive. 

The bar operates in beer tokens at £4.50 per token or 5 for £20. There is also delicious food on sale from non other than Reds True BBQ. Beer good music and a pulled pork sandwich, It's a no-brainer.

The bar is temporary so I would advise you visit sooner rather than later. Located at 22-24 The Calls (oops secrets out now).

What's your verdict?


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

Top left:
Nike Dual Fusion TR 
JD Sports - £60.00
I've loved the trainers meets fashion trend for a while now and the trainers I own are more edging towards fashion then they are useful. It was refreshing to come across a pair of trainers that are practical enough for running in (well making me start again) and yet look amazing. I love the mix of pastel and bright colours here and lets be honest nothing beats the comfort of trainers. Until recently I'd not worn trainers in many years and what can I say I'm hooked. Who knows these even look like they might get me doing actual exercise.

Top right:
Red or Dead, grace fleexe ii Boots
Schuh - £90
Many many years ago I bought the most adorable pair of red, Red or Dead slouchy ankle boots in college. They aren't the cheapest boots and I remember walking past Schuh everyday after college or during my lunch break gazing at them until I saved up enough money to buy them. I loved them till they were torn and tattered and in the end my mum binned them! A good few months back I bought the same pair but in a tan colour. They're the easiest things to throw on, there super comfortable and are now looking very loved. Since I own a lot of shoes as you can imagine not many get worn out and often I don't always love what I buy. Yet I know these will most likely be worn until there death and with the addition of a chunkier sole (I will need this) and fleece lining, I can't help but feel I need these before I have no soles left on my current pair. 

Bottom left:
Black double strap high leg riding boots
New Look - £39.99
When I recently attended an event at The Body Shop I couldn't help but noticing the make up artist wearing the classiest on trend pair of boots. I did spend a little too long gazing at her boots practically sure they must of been from some top end designer boutique. I was almost sure they looked like Alexander Mcqueen or Burberry. Since it wasn't appropriate to yell out "where are your shoes from" during the Q&A section at the end, I cheekily asked her at the end. I'm not sure if I was delighted or gob-smacked they was in actual fact from New Look. The pictures online don't really do the boots justice at all but I can't assure you they look classy, elegant and would be a perfect addition to any work wear wardrobe. 

Bottom right:
Ribbon trang tartan heels
Bank Fashion - £35.00
Tartan has been floating around the fashion sphere for a while now, or if you have a bit more rock chick in you then most, you will of always loved tartan and the cool punk vibe it gives. I instantly saw these and fell in love. As I'm trying to be a smarter shopper I do have a few doubts about these. They don't look out there enough for a night out, yet they look a bit too out there for day wear, so at the moment these remain sat on the self. Although they are very suited to my own personal style until I can dream up the perfect outfit to go with (smart shopping out the window) these unfortunately will remain on the WISHlist.

What are your favourites this month?


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wella colour recharge - cool blonde review

When I was kindly sent the Wella Colour Recharge to review from The Vinery Hair Salon. I jumped at the chance. My hair is very light so its perfect for toning conditioners and silver shampoos and achieving a cool violet tone has been a mission of mine for a while. 

The treatment works as a conditioning treatment whilst aims to help eliminate brassy yellow tones whilst adding a rather subtle pinky/violet tone to lightened hair. 

I shampooed my hair as normal in my normal shampoo then applied the treatment like a conditioner and left it to work its magic for around 10 minuets, although I would recommend leaving it on for longer to achieve a better result. In those 10 minuets your free to go about your normal bathing business, shave your legs, apply a face mask, practice your Beyonce solo in the shower (dance moved not advisable), the 10 minuets will fly by. After the 10 minuets is up simply rinse out and dry your hair as normal.

Looking at the pictures I can defiantly see a very faint pinky/violet tone in my hair (especially if you look around my side fringe (its not a side fringe I don't know why I said that but that but of the front of my head). 

When I was first given this product to review I was super excited and then the panic set in for a while, if I get the wrong lighting etc it will be very hard to see any tones in my hair. Whilst my pictures are professional I can say I enjoyed the product my hair felt silky soft and very conditioned after and I'll let you guys judge the colour. 

I did ask my friend that evening what colour my hair looked, his instant reaction was to say pink, although he was joking (he didn't turn his head to look) I took this as a compliment to the product.

Have you tried any of the Wella colour Recharge range?


Thank you to: The Vinery Hair Salon
The Vinery
Bents House
21 Belmont Street

Monday, 7 October 2013

A comfortable winter

Ok so I mentioned that word...winter. Where has the time gone it feels like just last week it was summer. However we can't avoid the fact its getting chilly recently and pretty soon the evenings will be dark even earlier. One of the few times I actually don't mind staying in is when its cold and defiantly if its raining outside. It's one of the few times I fully appreciate home comforts so here's my little winter is coming wishlist.

Joules cable knit socks - £24.95
No cosy night in is ever complete without thick woolly socks. I love the classic look these sock have and they look oober comfortable. £24.95 is a little pricey for socks but I can imagine I would pretty much live in these for the next few months. 

Cath Kidston London umbrella - £24
If you live in England your pretty much guaranteed rain, whether this be in summer or winter. Surprisingly I actually don't own an umbrella. I don't think I've heard the words that a nice umbrella come out my mouth until I saw this. The London pattern I so cute and stylish, bring on the rain. Actually can I take that back, no rain please Mr Weather man. 

Moomin hot water bottle - £16.99
As a child I loved the Moomins. Surprising for a long while no one seemed to remember them. However the past few years I've noticed Moomin memorabilia creeping into the shops. Snuggled up with my Moomin hot water bottle I can happily dream the cold nights away whilst I take a trip back to Moomin valley. 

ASOS shearling cable knit mittens - £44 £15
There's no denying these are the cutest things I have ever seen. Warm woollen mittens must be one of every bodies favourite things.  As a general mitten buying rule they must have string. I wouldn't want to loose one now would I. These are so freaking adorable they look more like a Christmas decoration.  I don't think I need to explain my choice here, just look at them. All together now...awwwww. 

Lush snow fairy shower gel 250g - £6.85
As a rather big lushie (I checked the urban dictionary, its a word) this is a no-brainer for cold morning showers. 

Whittards hot chocolate - £5.50
Curling up in front of the fire with a good cup of tea is something but curling up in front of the fire with hot chocolate is something else. Now there's hot chocolate and then check out what I found. With flavours including, crème brule, rocky road, amaretto and lemon meringue I think its going to be a toughie deciding what flavour to pick. .  


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Elysium tasting event

I was recently invited to a taster night at the newly opened Elysium restaurant. I was treated to delicious treats including mini calzone, a selection of antipasto, mini caprese (cherry tomatoes and baby mozzarella), mini bruschetta, mini arancini (rice, beef and smoked cheese balls shallow fried in a tomato sauce) and king prawns and mushrooms marinated in garlic and basil. Not forgetting the final platter including pork belly, duck and a selection of cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes.  

All the food served was delicious and the thing that struck me the most was how fresh the ingredients were. To say I'm one of these who picks tomato out of sandwiches and of pizza's, I had no problem tucking straight into the bruschetta and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the dishes I enjoyed was the mini aranchini, I had never tried anything like this before but I loved it, my only criticism would be there could of been more sauce, but I guess this was purely because it was a tasting event and the portions were smaller. 

After our bellies were filled with delicious treats, the host kindly gave us a tour of the restaurant. The first part of the restaurant is the bar area where the event was held. Followed by the main dining area and open plan kitchen, there is then a little cafe which opens for breakfast and lunch. The bar and dining area have a classic sophisticated elegant feel and the pianist in the bar area is such an elegant touch. 

The one thing I really picked up on here was I was made to feel so welcome and the restaurant has a great family run feel to it.  The service was brilliant and the food was all incredibly fresh. I can't wait to return and try the full menu.


Elysium Restaurant and Café Bar
66-68A Wellington St
West Yorkshire

Saturday, 5 October 2013

September Beauty Favourites

The Body Shop - Pink grapefruit shower gel 60ml £2.00*
This was one of the little gifts I was given by The Body Shop after the make up master class last week. I normally choose the milder scents such as there coca, honey or almond but I've loved using this shower gel. It has such a lovely refreshing smell, perfect for perking me up on the now colder winter-coming mornings. Plus at £2 for the little bottles I think I will be stocking up, I've next got my eye on the satsuma shower gel.  

Urban Veda - Purifying day cream 50ml £14.99*
I'm always trying to find a good in-expensive face cream and usually very few make an impact on me. Yet as soon as I squeezed the product out I noticed it was slightly thicker than most moisturisers. Applying onto my face I noticed this product feels a little more like a primer than a face cream and had a lovely silky texture. The product is designed for oil prone skin and also helps minimise pores. I've only been using this a few days now and I'm in love. 

Urban Veda - Radiance exfoliating polish 125ml £8.99*
After amazing results with the day cream I was excited to try the exfoliating polish. Firstly this is quite a gritty exfoliator so you can really feel it working. It left my skin super soft. I've now been checking out all the Urban Veda range and pay-day best hurry up as I need to stock up. 

Witch - Blemish stick £2.89*
I've never really had great skin and I'm pretty prone to breakouts. Who ever it was that said its just teenagers who suffer from breakouts was extremely mistaken. The product contains witch hazel which helps prevent skin irritations and further inflammation of spots. I usually apply this when I feel those under the skin sports making an appearance. The product gives a tingly sensation what is usually a good sign its working. It does dry the skin out a little what usually all spot preventing products do, so I find it best to apply this at night. This product isn't a miracle product but then again no product really is, however at £2.89 I'd defiantly re-purchase this. 

What have been your beauty favourites this month?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Body Shop - Make up masterclass

So recently I was invited down to The Body Shop for a make-up master class with expert make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis. I will admit I am one of these who skips past The Body Shop when buying make-up as I tend to think of them, well, more for body products (actually just there well known body butter). However when I gave it a thought I realised in the past I'd bought quite a few make-up products from The Body Shop and was very pleased with the quality so I was rather excited to be shown all the latest products. 

Upon arrival we were treated to glasses of bubbly and some adorable cupcakes, obviously no event is complete without a good cupcake. We were then treated to hand-messages and shown the range of body butters and hand creams, all which are amazing for dry skin. I've currently been using the almond hand and nail butter for a while now and its by far my favourite hand cream (trust me I've tried a lot). However I'm sure for anyone who's just spotted on the pictures one peculiar flavour of hand cream I was dying to try it. Absinthe. Yes, you saw it correctly, absinthe hand cream, who would of thought it. I really wish I could describe the smell to you but I can't, however for all those thinking they will have boozy smelling hands, trust me it won't happen. It's actually a refreshing smell. 

We were then introduced to Lan, who was the head make-up artist for The Body Shop at London Fashion Week and is an award winning make up artist. I was rather excited when she told us she was going to teach us the classic "smoky eyes". I think I have mentioned previously my smoky eyes looks I have a black eye so I listened closely. Just like anything the more you practise the better you will become and this is true as well for learning to apply make up. The best tip she gave for creating smoky eyes was to layer products up and use different shades of colour. Lan's enthusiasm for the range of products really showed and the finished look she created also reflected The Body Shop. The model had clear natural looking skin yet with amazing eyes, none of the products used looked heavy or cakey.

After the tutorial we were all asked to try and create our own versions of the look. I think everyone was rather excited when they basically had an entire stores worth of make up products to play with, including the best selling BB cream. I was also surprisingly impressed with the eye-shadows which are a lot stronger pigmented than they look. 

Before we was sent on our way, I was kindly treated to a goody bag with some of the The Body Shop's classic products in. 

Have you tried The Body Shops make up range?


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

VQ Leeds Fashion Week

So last week me a Kerys had been lucky little bloggers and was been invited to a few of the Leeds Fashion Week events. The first of these events was a catwalk fashion show held at the Victoria Quarter in Leeds. For all of you who don't know Leeds, the Victoria Quarter is where all the higher end high street shops are which the catwalk featured new A/W13 collections from.

Upon arrival we were treated to champagne and canopies courtesy of The Living Room and 
Gaucho and one very confused photographer asked if we were the models. I think that secretly made us both very chuffed though as the photographer took our picture anyway so we felt like little celebs for a moment. After I took my head out of the clouds the show began. 

I had never been to any sort of fashion show so this was a brilliant treat. Hearing the music start as the models began strutting down the catwalk was amazing and I defiantly have my eye on a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe. Mostly this dress by AQ/AQ

Big thank you to RM-UK for the invite, who also styled all the hair for the models. The photos don't do their gorgeous locks justice. 

Have you been to a fashion show?


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