Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Just a quick post to say i hope everyone had a lovely Easter. For me this Easter was spent catching up with all my friends and using the bank holiday as a good excuse to indulge a little bit too much on the eating and drinking front. If you noticed the time of this post as well then no you don't need glasses it really is 7:26 (after posting this i have noticed my time stamp tells the wrong time) i'm up super early with the dreaded dry mouth. I have now promised myself i will be nicer to my body and go on a drinking ban and a healthier eating regime (i'll tell you more about this later).

Happy Easter


Trinity Leeds

Friday i headed of to visit the new Trinity shopping center in Leeds. Obviously there was one shop i was heading of to find. One Direction World! I must admit i was rather disappointing the shop seemed rather empty and all the merchandise was behind barriers like they didn't trust people. There was a rather large queue in the shop what turned out to have your photo taken were they then photo-shopped you into one direction photos. Been a big kid i joined the queue and had my photo taken. I didn't know the price before joining the queue but i did presume the photo would be a little expensive. I was not wrong! I ended up paying £20 for a poorly edited photo. It also came in no bag so when i got told the carrier bags cost £1 i did end up shouting quiet a lot at the poor shop assistant. 

If you haven't yet visited the Trinity Shopping Center yet its rather confusing. Its as thought  new streets have been added to the center of Leeds. You will be happily walking along and them BAM a shopping center entrance and a whole loads of new shops. It feel a little bit like i have to learn my way around the city again. The trinity is an amazing addition to the center and i love the way its spread across the city, i have been told there is going to be a shop a week opening for the next 6 months, there is also a few pop up shops what i love, as it means i can't bored of the same shops. My current favorite shop after 1DW has to be Candy Kittens, if your a fan of Made in Chelsea then a visit is worth while.  

After i had been shopping it was the time for cocktail (at Revolution  has anyone else seen the refurbishment, i love it) and then food (went to red hot buffet, i'm not a fan of buffets and i didn't really enjoy it) before i picked up some yummy cakes from Patisserie Valerie for my dads birthday.  

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Things Money Can't Buy

So today at work we all put a syndicate on for the Euro Millions this Friday as it has a jackpot of £110 million. As i spent the morning day-dreaming about winning and my future designer shoe collection and travelling the world on my private jet i also gave a little thought to the things no amount of money can buy. Here's what i came up with:

The amazing friends i have. This one sounds a little cheesy to begin with but i really am lucky to have such amazing friends who all understand me (and put up with me) so well. They make me laugh on a daily basis and i really do feel lucky to have the amount of close friends i have. 

Douglas. Ok so everyone loves there own pets. But no amount of money could ever replace his little face, he's not just a dog he really is a member of the family and when we bought him no one could of said he would turn out with such a good temperament like he has.

The excited feeling i get when i see my favorite bands/musicians have announced a tour. Hello Ben Howard!

The feeling you get when your favorite song is played. 

Love. I'm not going to go all soppy on you here but we all know it can't. It also won't buy you that fit guys number or a drink of that lad your really fancy, that is all down to you. 

Talent. As much as i would love to be able to sing i'm never going to be able to.

Dedication. I'v always wanted to run the London Marathon and since i'v given up smoking i'v started running. Now i'm not running a marathon anytime soon (I would like to run a 5k first) but money can't buy me this, this is all down to my own hard work how much i succeed. 

Make the ques at Alton Towers go down any quicker. Yes, before you say it i can buy a fast pass for the good rides, but we all know the fast passes still have some ques. 


Make me pass my driving test. I obviously need money some for lessons etc, actually with the price of a provisional, lessons and the actual test it does feel like i need a lottery win, but again this is down to my own perseverance to pass and hopefully this will be soon, fingers cross.

What couldn't money buy you?


Monday, 25 March 2013

Fireman Sam

Sunday was my little cousins 5th birthday party. Despite the snow it was a fun day and i forgot how good it was going to party's when you was little.Were the only care in the world you had was trying to out run the other kids to the middle in the hokey cokey (maybe that was me, i was always the kid who would pull you over during the hokey cokey, i was also the kid who passed the parcel really slow and randomly stopped moving during musical sautes in case the music stopped) Thinking about it i learned how to party the best from an early age. The whole day really made it sink in to me how its the simple things in life that make us happy. Watching all the kids running around enjoying themselves without a care in the world was rather refreshing yet at the same time made me thing it feels like it was only yesterday since my 5th birthday party. Were does time go?

I would like to wish my little cousin George a Happy 5th Birthday for Tuesday. On Sunday he was very lucky and had a fire engine birthday party and not wanting to miss out on the fun i obviously had to have a go. 

Sunday evening i then went for a catch up with my friend to the Library pub in Hyde Park in Leeds we had some food and watched some bands upstairs. I always aim to have an early Sunday but that never seems to happen.

How do you spend your Sunday?


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Crimble crumble

Whilst i'm trapped in on a Saturday night i thought i would quickly share with you my Friday night.

Friday night was the best night out i have had in ages, so i can't sulk too much that i'm stuck in bored on a Saturday.

I love how the best nights out are always the most random. I hadn't intended to go out on Friday as a big night out was planned for Saturday. Arriving home from work i thought i would have a little walk to the shop and buy myself a bottle of wine for my night in. Walking around the shop i came to the baking isle. I had a little ponder and noticed some crumble topping mix when i remembered a recipe i had seen on the TV a few weeks ago for a mars bar and apple crumble. (I will add a post when i'v made this). When i arrived at the checkout, the shop assistant started pulling weird faces and questioning the type of apples i had picked, when he screwed his face up and went "your using these apples for a crumble" what i heard in my head was "your 21 and spending your Friday nights making apple crumble, were is your life". On this note i headed out. It was rather late when i got out and my friends was already stuck in town and promised me they wasn't dressed up. I headed of into town in my converse leggings and kiss jumper, expecting a few drinks. We all know the quiet nights turn out to be the best and this was no exception. 

My much loved, sparkly yet dirty converse 

How have you spent your weekend?


Friday, 22 March 2013


It feels like forever since i'v done a wishlist and i don't actually feel like much has caught my eye recently. I guess now i'm starting to plan for summer i'm looking to spend money on  doing things and going places rather then on clothes and beauty etc. I also seem to have massive list of gigs i want to go to and Wednesday morning i was lucky enough to get ticket's to see Ben Howard at Blackpool in June, what has made me happier than ever. 
I thought i'd try and keep my wishlist in line with my summer plans.


I have been looking for a dress suitable for a day at the races when i came across this little bargain on ASOS. Although wearing cream i do have a slight fear i will spill something on. 

ASOS lace skater dress was £50 now £25


Raybans! What summer would be complete without a pair. I had a pair on one of my previous wishlists but i haven't been able to find that pair since, however i love the class black.

ASOS £125

No festival would be complete without Hunter Wellies, however it was super hard deciding what colour i wanted.
I decided on the:

A batman T-shirts what's not to love here!!


Thursday, 21 March 2013

The A - Z of Sammie

This post has made a few appearances on blogs recently and i really hate copying blog posts (as i'm sure all bloggers do) but i do enjoy reading these style posts, so i thought i'd have a go at the A-Z of me. 

A. Age - 21 

B. Bed Size - wow i didn't expect this to be personal, how cheeky, its a single for little old me.

C. Cats - They creep me out, you can't tell what there thinking and it makes me nervous.

D. Drink of choice - Tequila!! 

E. Essential to start your day - I'v tried to give these up but it has to be a sugar free red bull (c'mon i gave up smoking you can have it all)

F. Favourite Colour - Black or Red.

G. Guilty pleasure - ONE DIRECTION.

H. Height - I'm roughly about 5'3 i'm a shorty.

I. Indulgence - Cheese. (does that sound a weird answer,i'm sure i'm suppose to say champagne here)

J. Job - I work full time and have a 2nd job i sometimes work at on a weekend. Hoping for a career change soon, but that's secret, i don't want to curse it.

K. Kids - I'm a big one.

L. Life is incomplete without - Friends to share it with.

M. Music - check out my daily updated song list. 

N. Nicknames - Spam (only used by my sister), Foster (my second name), Foz-Bomb (from a conversation about wresting names), there are also a few more. 

O. Overnight stays in hospital - Think i had one when i was very little, but i can't remember this much or why i was there.

P. Pet peeves - Read this.

Q. Quote - "Hollywood is a place were they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and 50 cents for your soul"

R. Right or left handed - Right.

S. Season - Summer! All the best adventures happen in summer.

T. Tea - Does this mean cup of, or evening plate of food? My fav meal is Mexican food and the drink, i love the stuff milk no sugar please. 

U. Unknown fact about me? - I'm addicted to buying DVD's, I would love to go travelling, i'm rather clumsy. 

V. Vegetable you love - Broccoli and cauliflower cheese  well more the cheese part than the cauliflower so i guess i'll have to say broccoli

W. Worst habit - Laughing when i shouldn't.

X. X-rays - when i had braces they x-rayed my teeth.

Y. Your favorite hobby - I wouldn't think shopping would pass as a hobby, ermm so i'll say blogging, but since you know that, i'v just recently started running so i'll say running.

Z. Zoo Animal - Firstly animals shouldn't be in cages but i'll say penguins as there sociable and look adorable.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

You're never too old to. Part 3 of 5

So if you read my previous post growing up gracefully it got me thinking, as much as i'm embracing the slow decent into adulthood what is avoidable, there are some thing i can still get away with doing. In fact i'm calling these things you're never too old to do and have created this mini series of post for you to enjoy. Welcome to part 3 of 5 in this blog series.
P.S I will be posting one every Wednesday, y'know because Wednesday's are the most boring day of the week. (i think so anyway).

No 3

Bake cupcakes and LICK THE BOWL! 

 Here is part one and part two

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Liebster Award

Katy from What Katie Did was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award.
There's no actual prize in this award its just a nice way of getting new blogs or blogs with under 200 followers noticed. Its also a great way of introducing others to blogs you enjoy. 

The boring bits rules:

  • Share 11 things about yourself 
  • Answer the 11 questions set by the person who tagged you
  • choose 11 blogs to nominate
  • Ask 11 questions to the people you've tagged

11 Things about me:

  1. I'm 21 years of age.
  2. For my 22nd birthday i'm going to Berlin .... to see One Direction.
  3. The last gig i went to was Stereophonics.
  4. I have now been a non-smoker for 3 months.
  5. I'm a very messy person.
  6. I intended to start blogging as a diary for myself and now i'm addicted.
  7. The worst job i have had was working in Build A Bear.
  8. My favorite t.v program is Criminal Minds. 
  9. Festivals are my idea of heaven. 
  10. When i grow up i want to live by the sea.
The 11 questions Katy asked:

  1. What is your desert island disc? (the song you would have if you could only listen to one song ever) Ben Howard - The Fear
  2. What beauty product could you not live without? Everything Soap and Glory
  3. Who is your secret celebrity crush? No secret: Louis Tomlinson
  4. Which three people would you invite to a fantasy dinner party? (living or dead people) Marilyn Monroe, Jack Whitehall, Dallas Green.
  5. What made you start a blog? As a Diary for myself.
  6. What is your guilty pleasure (food)? Cheese
  7. What is your guilty pleasure (music)? One Direction
  8. How do you wind down after a tough day? Blog
  9. What advice would you give to your younger self if you could? Nothing i like who i am.
  10. Who is your biggest inspiration? My fav bloggers
  11. What is the most worn item in your wardrobe? A black lace jacket.
11 Questions from me:
  1. When you was little what did you want to be?
  2. If you could travel to any country were would you go?
  3. Who is your favorite blogger?
  4. Whats your favorite song at the moment? 
  5. If you have to pick one person to live on a desert island for a week with who would it be?
  6. If you won a million pound what would be the 1st thing you would buy?
  7. What 1 thing would you of told yourself 5 years ago?
  8. If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?
  9. Whats the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
  10. What 3 things do you hope to achieve this year?
11 Blogs i nominate:

A Little Bit Of Everything

Makeup Music And Fashion


Stereophonics gig

I managed to get two videos at the start of the gig and then my camera froze, i thought maybe when i plugged it into the computer it would zap some life into it but unfortunately it looks like its dead, i'd been moaning on twitter for some weeks now i need a new camera and looks like i was right. boo. 

Onto the gig.

It was amazing!

One of the best gigs i have been to in ages, it has also just been announced today Stereophonics will be playing at the Leeds Arena what i'm very tempted to get tickets for It seems Stereophonics sing all the songs i love but never who sang them. The gig had an amazing atmosphere and the support from Josh Weller really got the crowed going. They played all my favorites i was just a little disappointed they didn't play handbags and the glad rags and pick a part that's new. However this band have so many amazing songs they couldn't possibly play them all. 

The set list:


Monday, 18 March 2013

F*ck me i'm in my twenties


As you know i love my little quirky books. Therefore i jumped for joy a little when i saw F*ck me i'm in my twenties. The book itself was filled with wonderful little doodles and charming anecdotes about life in your twenties. It really got me thinking about my life ahead.

I guess been in your twenties really are the freedom years and the years your aloud to screw up. Ever since we was all little girls and boys we've had our paths pre chosen for us, we would go to primary school, high school then most likely college . Then the worst happens. We have to choose for our self and among been dam right amazing it's pretty scary. I never choose to go to university and in some ways i regret it, but at the moment i have a relativity good job for my age and i have a comfortable life. I moved out when i was 18 and looking back it was too young, i'm now happy living at home for the time been and it means i get to spend my wage the correct way, on going out and shoes! Instead of rent and bills, there's plenty of time in life to do that. Also 21 is not too old to be living at home! 

What i have come to realise so much in the past year or two is that only you can make your life what you want it to be. For example sitting there hating your day job won't get you your dream job but most importantly applying and even more important carrying on trying when things don't always work out will. I don't think there has been or ever will be one person in their twenties who can sit back feeling like they've got it all. In fact does anyone really get it all?

The other side to been in your twenties i often feel is making sacrifices and taking risks. For example if i want to go on that dream holiday or travel the world i might have to cut back on nights out (a tear fell on the keyboard at the thought of that) or maybe even quit my job. However when else in life will it be so easy to make them decision. Finally time really does pass by so quickly so don't regret a single moment of your life, if you screw up in your twenties its a learning curve not a mistake.

Finally its also one of the few chances you will get to spend that much on those shoes, without having to explain yourself! 

P.S you will not become a crazy old lady with 20 cats so don't worry!


Sunday, 17 March 2013


I keep telling myself i will post more outfit photos. Since this is once of my favorite outfits recently (worn Friday) i thought why not share it with you:

Peplum Top: Topshop
Treggings: Topshop (old)
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bracelet: Primark


Carluccio's Leeds

Carluccios Leeds
Carluccios Leeds
Carluccios Leeds

Friday night i booked a table for myself and 8 work colleges at Carluccios on Greek Street in Leeds. Entering the restaurant there is a lovely ambiance created by the little Italian shop in the entrance selling a selection of wines, pasta sauces, oils, vinegar's and chocolates. The restaurant has clean modern decor creates a realistic feel of an Italian cafe. Unfortunately after this it was all down hill. 

Sitting down at our table caused some confusion i had booked the table for 9 people, however there was only 4 small tables pushed together (creating what we thought was 8 spaces), there was one spare table next to us so me and my friend pulled this across. ( we was sat along a back wall in a kind of corner so there was just our party and the one single table there anyways). Within seconds of moving the table the waiter swooned over to ask for the table back. I was quick to point out i had booked for 9 people, when he explained the back row was set for 5 people (the back row was a booth style seat so it was hard to tell). When i asked why should 5 of the party have to squash up with little room he simply walked of. 

When ordering the food the waiter was just as rude, when my friend asked if she could add a portion of chips to her meal instead of the side salad his response was "this establishment does not serve chips" 

I ordered:

To start: Focaccia Home-baked Ligurian bread made with extra virgin olive oil, with balsamic vinegar for dipping. £1.95

Main Course: Tortelloni Di Cervo Handmade fresh tortelloni filled with wine braised venison £9.35

The focaccia was very large and i shared it with friends, when ordering what is basically bread and oil you usually know what to expect. The bread was baked well and i was given a very good sized portion however there was a lot of salt on top of the bread what made it far too salty to eat and was a real shame. 

The tortelloni again was very disappointing. This was cooked very well and the venison filling was delicious. However the dish was smothered in a very rich buttery sauce what over powered the whole dish. It was as thought a lot of effort had been put into creating the pasta and the filling only to find no one could be bothered to make a sauce. Unfortunately i was unable to finish my meal due to the over powering sauce (aka lots of butter).

Overall the restaurant itself, has a lovely feel to it and the shop in the entrance is very cute and unique and i'v not seen anything similar. However unfortunately the rude waiter and disappointing food means i will not be returning any time soon. 

Carluccios Leeds
Carluccios Leeds
Carluccios Leeds
Carluccios Leeds


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Easter Eggs

Sammie's Top 10 Easter Eggs
So Easter is coming soon and what better excuse to pig out on chocolate. For me its a chance to find the best quirkiest Easter eggs/chocolates that provoke the "where did you find that" reaction. I'v tried to mix up the selection i'v choose so there's something to suit everyone.

1. Rococo day of the dead skull egg £64.95 Harvey Nichols 

Creme Brûlée Truffle Egg Tube
2. Creme Brulee Truffle Egg Tube £16 James Chocolates

Egg & Chips  
3. Egg and Chips £12 Hotel Chocolate 

4. Milky Bar Barn £4 Sainsbury's

Kissing Gold Bunny 100g
5. Kissing Gold Bunny £4.99 Lindt

6. Lemon Meringue Egg £12.95 Chococo

7. Marc De Champagne Truffle Egg £37.50 Fortnum & Mason

8. Marsh-mellow Sheep Lolly £19.99 Choccywoccydoodah 

9. Trifle Egg £9.99 Thornton's 

oeuf maisonnette, milk chocolate Easter egg
10. Oeuf Maisonnette, Milk chocolate, Easter egg £14.95 Chocolate Trading Co

Hope there was something there that caught your eye. 

Happy Easter

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google Reader

Quick update to remind all you lovely readers that soon Google reader will no longer be available (Que 1930's horror film effect style screaming) however the good news is you can follow me on:


Twitter: @lilblondesammie

Or you can subscribe to me via email, link on the side bar.


Style me challange

So Katie from what Katie did set me and 9 other bloggers a challenge. We had to come up with an outfit styled around this pair of black side stud ankle boots. Available from New Look for £24.99. 
Since i'm always up for a challenge and love New Look shoes, i accepted.  

Black (Black) Black Side Stud Ankle Boots | 264071501 | New Look

Since i'm going to see Stereophonic on Monday I decided to plan my outfit based around going to a gig. I also aimed to keep the whole outfit under £50, to make the challenge a little more exciting. 
Here's what i decided.

London Fashion Geek T-Shirt £15 River Island

Shelterbox Charity Bracelet £2 Topshop

Angelina Rust Check Knitted Leggings £8 SheLikes 

Black (Black) Black Side Stud Ankle Boots | 264071501 | New Look
The shoes!!

Total outfit cost: £49.99


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