Sunday, 26 January 2014

Show us your shoes

So you all know I love my shoes. I would much rather spend money on shoes then clothes or make-up. I've been meaning to create this post for a while and since Sunday I had nothing to do. Here is my shoe collection. I think I counted 64 pairs here which I suppose could be considered a little excessive especially knowing there was a few I didn't photograph as they were rather dirty, there are numerous more pairs around the house and also the fact I had a shoe clear out not long ago. On a personal note this will be an excellent reference to what I actually own. It does feel shameful admitting I was opening up shoe boxes with no idea what was inside and there's a lot here I've yet to wear or have only worn once.

Nike at Schuh, Converse (very dirty), Vans deck shoes

Dr Marten heels, blowfish sandals, convere style pumps primark, office sandals

Babycham wedges, Topshop wooden heel heels, Office flat forms

Topshop kitten heels, Office gold heels, Miss-guided blue wedges, Topshop Wooden heel wedges

Office loafers, Topshop heels, H&M boots, New Look heels.
Primark leopard boots, Uggs, New Look wedges, Topshop heels.

New Look lace up heels, New Look bow heels, Primark trainer wedges, Topshop heeled boots

New Look chain heels, Primark pink heels, New Look brown small heels, Uggs

Primark black heels, Primark cut out boots, River Island cut out boots, Primark low heels,

Vans, Primark flats, Gandys flip-flips, Primark ballet pumps
Office ballet pumps, Primark Sandals pink, Primark Sandals green, Office birkenstock style. 
Primark green sandals, French connection brown sandals, Office anchor pumps, Toms

Carvela bow heels, Timeless at Barratts heels, Office mustard heels

Irregular choice leopard heels, Timeless pink wedges, Office flat forms

Jeffrey Campbell claw Lita's in green & black
Jeffrey Campbell studded heels, Red or Dead brown slouch boots, Underground creepers
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's red, Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots, Jeffrey Campbell skull Lita's


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Say you'll haunt me

Top - Bank fashion (old)
Jeans -Topshop (old)
Trainers - Schuh
Necklace - Primark (currently in store)

Well today I feel like an official blogger taking outfit photos in my bedroom before heading out. I can now fully appreciate how freaking annoying it is taking outfit photos and perfecting posing. Obviously the posing part is to perfect. I also need how to work my new camera so these are more testing photos. There are pretty blurry so I still need to figure out how to fully work the damn thing. However my second purchase of today I'm more familiar! Or more specifically these trainers. I can't stop looking at my feet, I think I will admit these are now my favourite pair of shoes and we al know I own a lot. 


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Valentine's dates

So if you're a lucky little cow (can you sense the bitterness already?) then there's a good chance that come the 14th February you or your other half will of put plenty of time and effort into creating the perfect date. Now I can't speak from past experience as typically my dates don't end well, although to be fair it's hard to treat a gal when she see's you and run's away (hint bind dates aren't always fun), but fear not, whether you want to grab your guy or your best friend I've come up with the perfect valentine's date ideas.

Ox Pasture Hotel - North Yorkshire

Ok so I may be cynical about Valentines day but you can't deny the Ox pasture hotel looks dreamy. Set in the stunning North Yorkshire moors, the hotel looks traditional and romantic. If four poster beds and stunning views seems a little over the top then why not opt for a simple elegant afternoon tea and a stroll around the stunning gardens. 

4D cosmic golf - Xscape

So as far as dates go I don't know any one who has ever actually been to mini golf. However if I've learnt anything from music video's it's that mini golf actually looks rather cute (providing no one falls in a lake or gets hit with a golf ball). After a quick old Google I came across this rather cool looking 4D mini golf at xscape (with no lakes). If you're not looking for something so full on this looks ideal for a quirky first date. 

Make a den

When I was little I was a dab hand at making dens. Pushing my Nana's sofa and chair a little closer together then covering the small gap between them both with a tea-towel and I was done. I could then crawl behind the back of the sofa all day in my own little dream world. As I got older I progressed my skills with the use of dining chairs, bed sheets and pegs. Valentine's day seems the perfect opportunity to recreate this. Open up your creative hidden world to invite in your nearest and dearest. 

What's your ideal date?


(post contains collaborative links - all views are my own)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Daily Beauty Routine

I would never consider myself high maintenance and those who know me would genuinely laugh at the statement. However my beauty routine seems to be forever expanding. Although I have what I would consider a typically basic routine I am finding over the last few months especially that this is forever expanding. I'm also finding my handbag becoming cluttered with not just old bus receipts and out of ink pens but more and more daily beauty items. I'm sure if I was to repeat this post in a months time the items would defiantly of increased. I'm pretty happy with my hair care routine as I love all the products I use however I'm still to perfect the perfect skincare routine. I know this post could go on forever so I thought I'd stick to what products I use and what make-up I wear on a typical week day.

What's your daily beauty routine?


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

Top left: Charlotte Olympia (Serena silk platform sandals)
The Outnet £272
Wow. I was seriously in love when I came across these on the Outnet this week (well actually the discount, I'm pretty sure I've seen the shoes before). As usually with all Charlotte Olympia shoes on there they have sold out in my size. I'm still not sure if they look a little too much like bridal shoes but to be honest I'm still sold. These shoes remind me of 1920's Hollywood with the classic knot tied bow on the front. I've also been seriously lusting after white shoes the last few months however with the weather as it is and my night out habits, I don't think these would remain perfectly white for long. 

Top right: Onitsuka Tiger Ult-racer Trainers blue
Zalando £38
I had these trainers in my favourites basket on ASOS for the last few months with the intention of joining a gym. However to my despair when pay day came these have virtually sold out and my size had gone. Luckily I've found them on Zalando at an even cheaper price. So really I can't say no. There's something about the colours that's really drawing me in. 

Bottom left: Nike Air Pegasus 83 Trainers
ASOS £67
Back with more trainers (no doubt when I come to buy these will be sold out). I stunned by just how perfect these are. They fit the vintage bill perfectly, there bang on the trainer trend and the colours are a perfect match with the purple and pale turquoise complementing the browny beige tone. 

Bottom right: ASOS Kingdom Leather Over The Knee Boots
ASOS Now £42.50
This is a very practical choice this month as I've been living the last pair of boots I bought for a few months now. (seen on this wishlist). There so practical to throw on for work in the colder months were having. The knee length makes them more desirable for a more casual look yet still smart enough for the office. Plus as they've just the's a sign.

What are your favourites this month?


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Loafun: customised shoes

So today I'm introducing you to Loafun, custom designed hand painted shoes. When these guys got in touch and introduced me to their website where I could design my own shoes, I was super excited. 

The choice of design with Loafun is endless. you can upload pictures and graphics (although you must consider the shoes are hand painted so no photographs) or select from the themes available. 

I picked a carousel horse in keeping with the theme Little Blonde Life. The team of designers were supportive on offering advise and assistance and once the designs were finalised I eagerly awaited the arrival of my very own hand painted shoesies. 

Firstly the shoes felt a little stiff where they had been painted on although the converse style design makes them comfortable to wear, they felt a little crisp. 

You could tell the shoes had defiantly been hand painted. This can't of been an easy job and would require much more artistic flare and skill then I could ever possess. There was some paint what had smudged onto the side sole of the shoe what was disappointing.

Overall Loafun is a brilliant idea and would make a fantastic present, especially children and I can't fault that these guys have been amazing to work with. I feel maybe a little bit more attention to detail should have been paid to the minor aspect of paint on the white sole of the shoe.

Have you visited Loafun?

What's your verdict?


Saturday, 4 January 2014

The blogger made me buy it - Tag

This is a tag I'm surprised hasn't been created sooner, or if it has I've yet to come across it. The tag was originally created by the lovely Danielle at Famous in Japan, I was tagged by Kel at Adventures in tea and cake.

1) Who are your most influential bloggers?  Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews and swatches?
Out of the blogs I read I don't really read a lot of beauty blogs. However I have over the past few months got really into YouTube for beauty vloggers. My absolute favourites are Lauren Curtis, Karissa Pukas and Katie from Sugar fixx beauty who I've followed since I met at the Halo hair event

2) Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?
There are very few products I've seen and thought omg I must have that. I usually just pick up on the products that seem to appear numerous times then decide to read a few reviews before I decide to buy.

3) What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?
The products I've recently bought as a result of blogging have been the the Baby lips lip balm. 

4) What is your least favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?
I wouldn't say there is one. As I don't join the hype of a new product too quickly. I think following advise on skin care is always a tough one to do as everyone's skin type is different. I wouldn't say I've had any bad experiences but I would defiantly say blogging makes me spend more.  

5) Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blogs.
Baby lips lip balm, Apocalips lip lacquer, Vaseline spray and go moisturiser, Acrylic nail varnish stand and Real techniques make up brush set (although I wouldn't say this was a result of blogging). 

6) Have you ever given into blogger hype?  If so, which hype?
Probably the baby lips has been a massive hype also the benefit porefessional. 

7) Have you ever avoided blogger hype?  If so, which hype?
Urban Decay naked 3 pallet. I love the naked 2 pallet and I can't see the point paying for a pallet which I know I wouldn't use fully. I'm sure it's a good product as I've always loved all the Urban Decay eye-shaddows but for more I would simply be buying the product to jump on the band wagon. 

8) Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?
I do still walk through boots and throw random things in my basket however I tend to read reviews of the products I've had my eye on. Although some products feature across beauty blogs and YouTube tutorials so much I simply just want them. Although I do have a list a mile long of products I want to buy but I think I'm going to read a few reviews first. (Nars blushers, Dior mascara, Estee lauder foundation, Make up setting spray's are all on my to buy list)

I'm tagging people via twitter, but please feel free to take part.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Night in

So this post may seem a little out the ordinary for the usual readers as you all obviously know I love my nights out. However I've maybe been keeping a little secret that I also love a good night in as well. A glass of gin, a sneaky takeaway, a fluffly dressing down, a good movie, it's bliss. So when offered me a perfect night in, well, I didn't have to think twice about taking it. Maybe all the Christmas bucks fizz went to my head but a night in is exactly what I need right now. Plus the fact New Year was only a few days alway...I need a little time to chilax.

For me the perfect night in is simple:

Amazing yummy food* - What requires no cooking. Now I know you're all thinking...A Takeaway...In January.. But serious, all the hard work of Christmas? surely the diet can wait. Plus if these mouth watering pictures aren't doing the trick, as I know they are me, my gosh I'm hungry looking at that delicious Indian takeaway, then why not get some friends around instead of a night out and save a few January pennies.  (disclaimer - I didn't eat all that myself, I promise I shared) 

A good movie - Firstly.. does movie sound American, should I say film? Any how, Christmas day I recorded Toy Story 3, I have since watched it around 6 times and 6 times I have cried at the end when Andy gives his toys away. I will now admit Toy Story 3 is a favourite film. Is it just me who get's annoyed how this film came out too late so the younger generation it is now aimed at doesn't understand all the original Toy Story references in the film? Although I am thankful it gives me an excuse to watch "kids" films guilt free.

Painting my nails - I'm kind of a little addictive to painting my nails. I've been loving my current nails which is a Barry M glitter over a matt black Barry M nail varnish. 

Cuddles with Douglas - I know it's been a while since I featured my adorable little dog Douglas, but he is still about to dish out cuddles. Although he has spent the past 10 minuets chewing my hair as I've been trying to teach him new tricks. Paw, high 5 and kisses is all he can manage at the moment. 

What's your prefect night in?


Thursday, 2 January 2014

The truth about my 2014

I've been thinking of this list for the last few weeks and given it quite a lot of thought to what I want to achieve and change this year. I find it really bizarre in a way by what is essentially just another day is actually the start of a whole new year. For some reason I never particularly enjoy the Christmas period,  I think this is mostly down to the feeling that the Christmas period seems to increase any feelings weather good or bad and for me once the party hangover subsides, call me a Scrooge but there always seems to be more lows then highs. The whole Christmas and New Year time seems to be filled with unrealistic expectations of the perfect day or perfect party what never usually goes to plan. 

Over the past month I've been thinking a lot of about what I want to achieve and change in 2014. Since I started my new job last month It's brought huge changes, it's forced me to leave my comfort zone and leave some good friends behind but as much as that terrified me it's made me realise taking myself out of my comfort zone won't kill me. The past few weeks setting of to work each morning has felt daunting, don't get me wrong I'm enjoying my new role and I couldn't ask to work with nicer more welcoming people but setting of to work each day feels a little like facing the world alone. I know that sounds massively exaggerated and especially since I always appear a rather confident person but it's made me realise If I want to change anything I need to do more things for myself. 

I really feel the new year makes us all a little more confident and for me one of my main goals will be to not dwell on negative things and work on becoming more positive. I think this year I've realised not to rely on other people for happiness and one of my main goals to set myself will be to stay positive.

I know my worst personality trait is to sulk or go in a massive mood as soon as things don't go my own way. I remember a few years back when I was with a group of close friends and we were pointing out what we didn't like about each other (not sure why). However I always remember one good friend pointing out as soon as things don't go my own way my mood massively changes. I'm still shocked that people have picked up on this, yet I understood completely. This can be as simple as friends changing plans and we don't end up going where agreed on a night out or things generally not going my way and feeling disappointed. I know as I'm writing this I'm on the verge of starting an argument with a friend what beneath everything boils down to not getting my own way. I know the core reason behind all this is a sense of disappointment but my biggest aim this year is going to be simply to accept life isn't perfect and make the most of all situations. 

I feel this year potentially holds the biggest changes for me yet, but my main aim beneath it all simply represents me becoming a nicer and better person. Wow I'm actually making myself out to be a right cow aren't I. Trust me I'm really not but some small changes defiantly wouldn't go a miss. Finally if you read all that here is my new years resolutions for 2014:

Be more positive. I'm old enough to realise life isn't ever going to be perfect. It's genuinely our own thoughts and feelings that can make the minor set backs 100 times worse. From now on I want to generally try and become more positive and not to dwell or sulk when things don't go my own way.

Get fitter/healthier. Ok so this may be the stereotypical resolution but I want to focus more on myself and I genuinely believe exercise is overall good for well being. I think I've accepted I'm not a gym goer and I don't expect to achieve a perfect body. I remember last year aiming to run a freaking marathon what was unbelievably unrealistic, so this year I'm simply aiming to join a gym, go regularly and gain a better sense of well being. Any weight loss or a slightly more toned body will be a bonus. 

Get out of my overdraft. I've wasted a stupid amount of money in the past on silly bank charges etc all because I'm pretty bad when it comes to managing my money. I really need to start telling myself it's ok if I miss a few nights out at the end of the month if I can't afford it and buying 10 pairs a shoes a month is no good when I can't afford to go out. I'm aiming to have a few good months and get myself back on track for good. I earn good money for my age and I know getting back on track is a must if I want to plan holidays etc later in the year.

Plan more things to look forward to. I tend to do this anyway and looking back over 2013 there was a lot of nice moments. I feel it's necessary to have something to look forward to no matter how small so this year I want to generally make the most of it. I'm aiming to have a few city breaks abroad and generally make more time to spend with friends weather this is a meal out or going to gigs etc. 


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

December Beauty Favourites

Vaseline - Spray & Go body moisturiser - £4.99
I will admit I'm a very lazy person when it comes to applying body moisturiser, I know it's good for my skin but I can rarely be bothered. Although I love the Lush dream cream and it absorbs fast It's still a chore for me. Since I've been going on sunbeds recently I've been sticking to regularly moisturising my skin otherwise it can become very dry. The spray and go body moisturiser is super easy to apply and the spray works well and applies just the right amount of product. The only downside to this is the moisturiser is rather cold so this will probably become more favourites in the summer. 

Boots - Skin clear - Deep cleansing lotion - £1.49
I've been using this product in place of a toner and I find it really helps remove the last bits of make up of my face what just a daily facial wash misses. I've noticed it's help clear away some trouble spots I'd had for a while and for £1.49 I will defiantly be re-purchasing. 

Rimmel - Apocalips lip lacquer - £5.99
I've seen the Apocalips collection on blog after blog for a while now and really wanted to give these a try. The colours last well and the product is not sticky or gloopy and is easy to apply. I've noticed you can kind of build up the products by either applying a small amount to to give a tinted look to lips or more you can build up more product for a more full on lip gloss style look. The only down side is I don't feel the collection has a big enough range of colours. 

Maybelline - Baby lips - Pink punch - £2.99
Again this was a product that has been floating round the blogsphere for a while now and for £2.99 I thought I'd give this a try. The baby lips is a lip balm and the pink punch has a lovely tint of pink, I love the subtle colour it adds to my lips and I have found the product leaves my lips soft and hydrated. The product also smells amazing. This has defiantly been a handbag staple for the last few weeks.

What are your current beauty favourites?

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