Thursday, 29 August 2013

How does a festival compare to a night out?

I was recently shocked when I was informed that on a survey of over 2000 women 70% of them preferred a night in over a night out. Not me, I initially thought! I would be partying it up every day of the week if my bank balance and work commitments didn't get in the way.

Having just returned home this week from Leeds Festival it got me thinking how does a festival compare to a night out? With the expenses of festivals rising to the cost of a weeks holiday almost is it even worth it? 

When I read the interesting results it appears almost everything we hate about a night out happens ten times worse at a festival, for example 46% of us hate drinks been spilled on us (at a festival were always thankful that the liquid been thrown is beer not errmmm...) and 55% of us hate toilets that don't lock or don't have toilet paper (have you used a festival port-a-loo!).Plus other put off's on the list include being sick in public(I'll hold my hands up), loosing money or a mobile phone, having to look after a drunk friend (I'm the drunk friend) not to mention sore feet (at one point this year I started to wonder if trench foot would become a possibility). But somehow all of this doesn't stop me spending hundreds of pounds on festivals each year.  

Yes festivals can be muddy, believe me when I say you will never look like the girls in a magazine at a festival with perfect hair it's simply impossible, you will be cold on a night, if your lucky to start a fire you will be the one sat were the wind blows the smoke into your eyes, you will have various liquid thrown at you when you see your favourite band, at one point you will loose your friends, your feet will hurt and don't even get me started on the pain of carrying your stuff from the car to the camp site. Nightmare. But its worth it. 

So what exactly makes a festival better than a night out. No one judges how you dress, the music will be loud, you choose what music you want to listen to, the general chit chat and awesome banter, you will make new friends and meet new people, you can drink your own beer, if you fall over you’re amongst friends and you can stay up as long as you like.

Over all for me a festival for me will always win over a night out or a holiday, as much as I secretly loved coming back to my home comforts, a warm shower and fresh bedding, a festival is an experience I will never miss. 

Do you prefer a night in or a night out?
A holiday or a festival? 


“Written in collaboration with Ladbrokes Bingo”

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Put on your war paint

Dress - Topshop
Shoes - Newlook
Necklace - Primark (old)

Well long time no speak chickadees. It seems like forever since I have been able to blog. Not that I haven't been having fun at Leeds Festival of course. This year for me was on of my best Leeds fest yet. Amongst the buckets of rain that seemed to fall upon me, the mud that come over the top of my wellies and the hangover from hell I woke up with the first morning, I was surrounded by good friends,good music and best of all top notch banter. I even made it onto the big TV's crowed surfing to my fav band (bring me the horizon if you was wondering) What more could I of asked for...ohh yeah the sun to shine. Who ever predicted that heat wave was a little mistaken. 

Anyways first post back from the festival seems a little strange been a classy dress. This was an outfit I wore a few weeks on a cheeky little date. I love the opportunity to actually dress up a bit more than usual....and buy a new pair of shoes. I'd seen this dress on the topshop website some time back and knew as soon as I had a good enough reason to buy it, it would be mine. Midnight blue is my favourite colour in dresses so I snapped this up pretty quick. P.S. I had also been pre-warned I wasn't aloud to start photographing my food or the night for my blog, so no gossip for you all this time! 


Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So last Sunday I attended the #LeedsBloggerMeet which was superbly organised by the two blogging beauties Georgia and Nicola. I arrived a little late to to the meet and missed a few of the talks however I arrived in time to have a chit chat with everyone in Friends Of Ham, or as Michelle thinks its called...House Of Pigs! I was really pleased the secret venue turned out to be Friends Of Ham as I had wanted to check it out for a while. Friends Of Ham is a relatively new establishment which serves a selection of beers, cheeses and meats in the cutest hidden away surroundings.

After the meets and greets were over everyone headed over to Benefit to hear about a few new products and to be matched up with some make up samples. It was then time for a spot of retail therapy and of course Topshop was number one on the list. 

The meet ended with a delicious meal in TGI Fridays. I've never really been a fan of TGI's I ordered the Mozzarella sticks for starter and chicken and chips for the main, complete with a few cheeky cocktails. There wasn't really much on the menu what caught my eye and if I'm honest I was far from impressed. However one thing I can say is the service was amazing I'm not sure the girl who served us think she may have been called Vicky but she kept all of us happy and even gave a little TGI Fridays pin badge to the group. 


Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Old Peacock

So a little while back I was invited to a VIP opening of the Old Peacock pub. It was a pleasant surprise when the email landed in my little inbox as the pub is a stones throw away from my house.....not the fact a few cheeky free drinks were on offer. I decided to take my dad with me since the pub had been his local since he was 18 (and not a moment sooner). 

I have always been a little jealous of friends who have a good local pub however seeing the transformation I'm now proud as a peacock (get it). I finally have a local pub I actually want to go to. The d├ęcor felt very sophisticated and cosy, yet the pub still incorporated the Leeds United theme (the pub is opposite Elland road football ground) and I did spy some Leeds United wall paper. 

The pub now prides itself on serving real ales and home-made traditional food. I decided to try a pint of the 1919 what is exclusive to the pub and named after the year Leeds United was formed, my dad on the other hand decided to have a glass of white wine what caused the bar tender a little confusion when I started happily sipping away at the pint. The peacock may be an elegant creature, I on the other hand, am not. 

I have since been back to taste the delicious menu on offer and I'm very impresses. I can see myself making many return trips in the future especially to sample there Sunday dinners.

What do you think?

Leeds Blogger Meet OOTD

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
S Necklace - Topshop - (In Store)
Jacket - Topshop (old) 
Boots - River Island
Bag - Primark (current)

I always forget to take outfit posts and this was taken on the way home from the Leeds Blogger Meet last Sunday. Luckily been amongst other bloggers I didn't look too weird asking Kel to take this for me.

I spotted the S necklace a few weeks back in Topshop before I finally bought it. At £16.50 I consider it a little pricey for costume jewellery  however I'm so glad I bought it its a firm fav and has been worn quite a lot since. The cami top again from Topshop was £18 what I felt was a little pricey considering Primarnie have them at £4, however the top seems good quality and I adore the colour. I did also notice the primark ones are a little see through. The boots were a bargain at £30 in the sale from the Rihanna collection at River Island, I've basically lived in these for the past few weeks now We all know I buy too many shoes what I don't wear much so these have proven amazing value. I did also notice recently the bag is now on sale in Primark for £6!! I picked up this bag before my birthday trip to Berlin as it was a nice size to take on the plane and it's now become my everyday bag. 


Saturday, 10 August 2013

I'm Batman

So I've been a little absent the past few week or so, basically the laptop broke. Did you miss me? Therefore I have a lot to catch you up on. Last weekend was my best friends 21st Birthday and we all headed over to York for a day time session. I say day time I finally got to bed at 5am! Luckily when I arrived a little late for the #LeedsBloggerMeet the next day all the girls were understanding. I think it's a little scary how they've already picked up on my going out habits. The day in York was lovely, we stated of with cocktails in Revolution (isn't it a little weird how even when you venture further a field for a night out you still end up in the same places), followed by a delicious meal in Akbars, we then headed of down to the river to soak up some sun and for a few more drinks, finally the night ended in Yatses of all places for a good old dance before catching the train back. What lead to me meeting more friends in Leeds to continue my day/night out. 

Anyways I'm rambling, basically I just wanted to share with you the Batman dress I wore. The picture is far from flattering however it's the only picture with just me in it. Does anyone else feel a little rude adding photos with other people in? The dress was a Christmas present and I've only worn it twice. Despite hearing ner ner ner ner ner ner ner ner BATMAN said a total of 11 times to me that, I love the dress. 


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lush Leeds Spa review

So last Thursday I was invited down to the Lush Spa in Leeds city centre. I never actually knew the spa existed and I certainly didn't expect such an amazing little gem hidden downstairs in such a busy high-street yet beloved shop. It felt as close to walking through the wardrobe doors into Narnai as you can get in Leeds. 

I've never been to a spa but when I imagine what one might look like I image white walls, women walking around in bath robes and it's actually one of the situations I would dread being in. The child in me comes back out a little were I imagine a world for grown ups leaving me feeling slightly awkward not sure exactly where I'm suppose to go or what I'm suppose to do.  However rest assured the Lush Spa could not be further away from the horror of my imagination. 

Walking into the spa you first arrive in what feels like a kitchen. (In fact what I'm now calling the kitchen of my dreams). The kitchen can often to be said to the heart of the home and the spa design is so incredible you feel relaxed and welcome at once. We sat round the table (I was joined by the two incredible bloggers Kerys and Kelly) and was introduced to the therapists who explained out treatments.

I was given the lush facial and I was also treated to a tasted of the lush sound bath using there tuning forks what are used in meditation during the treatment. I can honestly say the facials are very unique and such a wonderful experience. I am counting down the moments until pay day to book in for my next treatment.  

I was truly amazed by the experience and although I've never been to a spa I can honestly say the experience was unique. I would like to say a huge thank you to my therapist Gemma who made the experience so relaxing and made me feel so welcome. My skin felt amazing after the facial and I almost felt asleep (what's encouraged) the treatments were so relaxing. 

All details of the full range of treatments can be found on the Lush website

I can honestly say the lush spa is a wonderful experience and much more than a regular spa.

It's times like these when I am truly thankful for the opportunities that are given to Little Blonde Life and hand on heart I will be returning.

Have you checked out the Lush Spa?


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