Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Never wonder where I am

I really don't know how I feel sitting back down to blog. Previously blogging has always been an escape, my place to share the good things in life with you, a new outfit, a new restaurant, my trips away...yet it takes a lot for me to sit down, write something and actually blog for myself.

I feel all bloggers appear confident sharing their life with the online world, yet behind the keyboard is a person with a life. A life which extends beyond word on a screen and staged photographs. In a digital world it's easy to portray any persona. In real life it's not always so easy to "be ok".  

August and July have been jam packed months and quite frankly ones that's really taken there toll on me. I don't think I've had a month in my life yet filled with the unexpected high's and lows to date. 

So what's been going on:

Dear blogger; 

The past few months I have experiences highs and lows. Laughter and tears. Butterflies and sunshine. I can't think back to any other time in my life which has felt like such a roller coaster, or a time which has felt so full on. I've said countless times I always feel constantly busy and enjoy this, but for now and at least tonight as I write this, glass of wine in hand and iPhone turned off, I'm enjoying the peace. 

Tonight I re-opened my laptop, got my camera and was prepared to share the best of the past few months, yet flicking through my calendar to plan posts made me realise how full on the past few months have been and for tonight I'm taking a time out.

The past two months I've attended two funerals, lost a family member, a very close family friend both taken too soon, ended things with a guy I was seeing as quite frankly he was annoying me to death and been single is far better forcing a fake smile, then unexpectedly started seeing someone new which I still have mixed feelings about, but enjoying seeing where things might go. In between the emotions of all these things life has gone on. I've had one of the luckiest years filled with the greatest memories and laughter, holidays to New York, Corfu, Croatia and on the early hours of Saturday morning I returned from touring around 9 cities in Italy and headed of to Leeds Festival Sunday with a last minuet ticket.

Forever I've seen the beauty in the uncertainties in life. Whether this be a few drinks after work turning into the party of the year, the way friendships form from the 1st meeting of someone who was once a stranger, or in the way there's always a silver lining after the heart ache.


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