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Wanderlust holiday locations

I feel I permanently have a case of wanderlust and a desire to travel. This year my aim was 6 holidays and I feel I'm fairly on track to achieve this goal with a trip to New York, Corfu and Croatia in the luggage bag and Italy coming up in two weeks time. 

Yet despite the most amazing tour of Italy planned where I will be visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona and Milan *and breath* I still can't seem to stop myself planning yet another holiday! 

Currently for me,Travel is so high on my agenda, quite frankly there's simply too much to see and so little time. Typically most Friday evenings I find myself purchasing a lottery ticket and hanging onto it, leaving it as late as possible to check the results, giving myself that extra little bit of time to day dream: Catch a late night show at the Moulin rouge in Paris, hike through the swizz Alps, fly in a helicopter over the grand canyon, relax in a hot spring under the northern lights, find those quirky hidden gems. My list is quite frankly endless. 

What I've come to learn and love the most about these day dreams is as the popularity of travel has grown over the years the accessibility of travel has hugely opened up doors for everyone. It's more affordable than ever, the range of places to visit has become more accessible, who says you need to be bear grills if you fancy a tour of the Amazon rain forest? Friends with the TOWIE cast if you want to party in Marbs...or Bill gates to finance such extravagant trips for that matter. 

So where would I love to visit next?

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There's something so appealing about the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. My sister visited here a few years ago as we have a friend who's parents live there and I still regret not going with her. A city which has grown so much with time into the vibrant city it has become, yet keeping its historical charm close to it's heart. With shopping galore and some of the most sophisticated restaurant on the globe, Kuala Lumpur is very high on my to-visit list. My dream would be the Mandarin Orienal hotel overlooking the Petronas twin towers.

Wanderlust holiday locations
Wanderlust holiday locations
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  • Stay in Barbie Dream House. Yes, it is actually possible to stay in Barbie's Dream House. This private villa, equipped with home cinema, private pool and WALK IN SHOE CLOSET, exists. Located on on the party island of Ibiza, the dream house would certainty make the perfect location for a girls weekend away in style. 

Barbies dream house villa 
Barbies dream house villa

  • A tailor made tour of Bali. Tropical waters, a true sense of culture and a relaxed way of life the chance to explore the hidden gems of Bali with a tailor made tour really appeals to me. Whilst I don't feel I have the travel experience to pack my backpack and travel alone a luxury tailor made tour in 5* hotels (and tour guides), mixing traditional culture with modern luxury is such a dream.  

Where are your wanderlust travel locations?

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