Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bumble and Bumble invisible oil set review

A quick review of the Bumble and Bumble invisible oil set, containing the shampoo, conditioner and hair primer. I picked up the travel set from boots, before my trip to New York. Admittedly there was no need to add such a luxury product to my holiday "pre-boots shop", you all surly do the pre-holiday toiletries run, it's part the holiday right? but it felt the perfect opportunity to sample a few products from Bumble and Bumble at a smaller "travel sized" price £19.50. 

Although I am aware I could have got a full sized good quality shampoo and conditioner for that price. Tell a lie I fully wasn't aware at all until I just checked the price online, I really need to stop throwing stuff in the basket like I'm on beauty-market sweep or something. Honestly this is clearly why i often think my bank card has been cloned. That said there really also wasn't a need to throw in the strawberry scented denman hairbrush too, just because it was slightly smaller than normal hair brushes and looked a cute travel "essential". 

bumble and bumble invisible oil shampoo

bumble and bumble invisible oil conditioner

bumble and bumble invisible oil primer

Anyways after than insight to my spending habbit, was the travel set worth the money? Plus we all want to know how it treats our (pampered) locks. So...

Shampoo: It smelt incredible and as it's sulphate free it's friendly on the scalp and indeed anyone unfortunate enough to get it in their eyes. Although thankfully my last memory of that was from L'oreal kids after a swimming lessons as a child. The Dolphin 8 badge was not worth my tears! The shampoo didn't foam very well and made it difficult to make me feel I'd given my hair a good wash. I do use a lot of products on my hair so i like my shampoos to lather well, as it's easier to feel I've washed out all the build up of product. However that said my hair did feel very clean, despite the lack of foam.  

Conditioner: Again incredible smell and defiantly a more luxury feeling product than the shampoo. The conditioner was rich and almost body butter-esk texture. This is defiantly what I look for in conditioner. Having thin yet damaged hair it left my hair feeling nourishes and smelling fantastic. 

Heat/UV protective primer: Well let's be honest, no idea how well this protects my hair from UV rays or heat, I don't exactly own a science lab, however as i regularly use these type of products anyway (usually thrown in my beauty-market sweeps) compared to most heat protectors, it smelt nicer. Plus it helped me comb my hair through easier after washing, so i would also say it works well to detangle hair. 

Overall shampoo, not exactly worth the price tag for me, conditioner, would buy again if i was feeling flush, primer, will enjoy using it and it will be great whilst the bottle lasts. Now since I've just booked a getaway to Corfu in May, I'm now on the look out for a great swimming shampoo...obviously I will never learn. Any suggestions? 

Have you tired any products from the Bumble & Bumble range?


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