Sunday, 8 March 2015

Demeter Fragrance Library | review

Your eyes are not deceiving you. These really are perfumes in the scents, condensed milk, vanilla cake batter and my personal favourite Play-doh.

I picked these up recently in the states at a Duane reeds for $15 each, although the range of Demetre fragrances is available also in the UK. I shall first mention Duane Reeds are fascinating places and rather dangerous for midnight shopping...not in the sense someone might kill you, but a combination of all the US make up and lucky charms is a lethal combination for my purse strings. Quite obviously none of the below are well, practical buys but c'mon who wouldn't want to smell like vanilla cake batter? 

Demetre fragrance library perfume

Demetre fragrance library vanilla cake batter perfume

Demetre fragrance library condensed milk perfume

Demetre fragrance library play-doh perfume

So I know what are you all thinking, are these fragrances wearable? smelling like play-doh is fine when your 5 years old and cake batter smells nice in the kitchen but would you really want to go to work or turn up for a date with a spritz of condensed milk on your neck. attractive? maybe not. 

Condensed milk The most wearable of the three and in fact actually a nice scent. Been a little unsure about what condensed milk actually smells like the smell was sweet and musky but not too heavy. I would defiantly say this is actually wearable and would make a cheap option for a day time fragrance. I'm sure unless you tell people the actual name of the scent, in which case you have a brilliant conversation starter. It's actually pleasant and no one would ever guess.   

Vanilla cake batter One of the more foodie scents in the range, with others including cotton candy and chocolate chip cookie, vanilla cake batter is a sweet fragrance and takes me back to the days of wearing Britney Spears fantasy perfume. My god you could smell that sickly fragrance a mile of. Luckily vanilla cake batter is a little lighter with notes of vanilla but still a sweet fragrance. The fragrance is far too sweet for my personal fragrance taste but again the scent is wearable. 

Play-doh The best till last. Yes this does actually smell like play-doh but not the extent you may think. If were all honest play-doh smell nothing more than salt and childhood memories and I'll be honest my favourite of the three. It has a vanilla note and unless your on the look out for the "play-doh" hint it's actually pretty nice. If any ones ever tried the furze perfume from lush, it's very similar. Defiantly vanilla meets childhood memories. I'm tempted to wear this to wear and see if anyone points out they can actually smell play-doh. In which case I'll act confused and say it's not me. 

I wasn't ever expecting any fragrance to be up there with my all time favourite Dior Addict, but for a cheap and cheerful and "fun" scent these would make a perfect quirky gift. I've been eyeing up the gin and tonic fragrance to add to the collection.  

Have you tried any of the Demeter Fragrance Library range?


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