Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The importance of "me time" for those with busy schedules

The last time I felt truly relaxed was on my last holiday. More so my visit to Plitvice lakes, which you can read about here. There something about been disconnected from technology, the hustle and bustle of city life and feeling the fresh air and warm breeze against my skin which made think about just how often I feel peaceful. 

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The truth is never. Not unless you count those first few minuets of awakening from a long nights sleep, still snuggled tight under the duvet trying to remember the dreams of the night. The few minuets or seconds even, before I'm fully awake. Before the long list of things planned for the day ahead dawn on me, before I start thinking of just what have I scheduled in the diary, how much time I have to run for the bus, before I rise from my bed to the cold light of morning and present myself the best I can and start another day. 

As you know I have two job, treat blogging like a third and I've always admitted I enjoy been busy. Quite frankly I'd be lost without a busy schedule. That and the ability to record my favourite TV shows. Honestly I generally don't feel I relax that often. When Victoria Plumb got in touch to ask me to write my tips on how I like to relax, it got me thinking harder than most. Surly I must have the occasional moments of "me time". 

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For me relaxation is defiantly the small moments through out the day which gradually help me unwind or even prepare for the day ahead:

  1. Waking up when the sun is shining through the windows, warming my face. Those first few minuets stretching in bed and having a few moments snuggled into the duvet are bliss. 
  2. Commuting to work. It's a strange one but the chance to listen to Kerrange on the radio, catch a few new songs and a flick through Buzzfeed, brightens up my mornings. 
  3. Morning coffee, especially when I have enough loyalty points for a free gingerbread latte. 
  4. Taking a few minuets to make a cup of tea before tackling any big tasks at work. 
  5. Flicking through a magazine, lusting over the latest beauty and fashion trends, at lunch time.
  6. Arriving home, lighting my favourite scented candles and unwinding with a catch up on bloglovin.
  7. Taking of my make up and cleansing my face.
  8. Enjoying a warm evening shower with my favourite beauty products. 
  9. "Cosying up" in my favourite pyjamas with a hot cup of camomile tea. 
  10. Climbing in to fresh bedding. 
How do you find time to relax?
Is it the little things through out the day or do you make a concious effort to unwind?


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