Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blog every day in May day 7

The things I'm most afraid of:

I think most people would add death quite highly to this list however I wouldn't say death is something I fear. In fact the quote Live Fast Die Young springs to mind rather quickly here. I would say having a boring life is more my fear. This year I have constantly been trying to keep myself busy and always ensuring I have something to look forward to, whether this be buying gig tickets or planning a small day out with friends to looking to book holidays and adventures.  I think I'm more fearful of wasting my youth or letting time pass by too quickly.

Secondly moving on to a more common fear I will admit I am terrified of dogs. Well not all dogs, if its a dog I know I rather like the little fluff balls, more a fear of stray dogs. This has even become so bad that I won't walk through certain areas if it's likely I will see a stray dog. I also don't like walking near garden gates as I fear a dog jumping out at me. Or jumping over the gate a chewing my arm of!! 

What are your fears?


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