Sunday, 8 June 2014

Roxy Lane's Leeds | Launch night

A little while back I was invited down to Roxy Lanes, the sister bar or Roxy Ballroom in Leeds to check out the new hotspot in town, a cocktails bar / 4 lane adult bowling alley. Genius eh? 

When I originally posted on Roxy Ballroom I describes this as almost a secret hide out and quite like your not supposed to be there. Roxy Lanes for me fits the same description, although this time this place feels even more of a secret. Especially because I walked past the place everyday on my way to work and still failed to spot it before the opening. 

Located on the edge of Bond Street tucked away next to the Tesco Metro and accessible through some small doors it's only a stones throw away from the very successful sister bar Roxy Ballroom yet a little more unknown.

Walking up the stairs and into the bar the first thing to greet you is the bowling alley shoe exchange. Very cleaver to establish very quickly this ain't just a bar...its a freaking bowling alley. Obviously I make a b-line straight for the bar and resumed to bowing after a few cocktails.

Roxy Lanes Leeds
Roxy Lanes Leeds
Roxy Lanes Leeds
Roxy Lanes Leeds
Roxy Lanes Leeds

Upon arrival I decided it would be best to put the bar staff through the paces testing out their cocktail making skills. I ordered " a proper spanking" (cocktail you little rascals) containing Absolute raspberry, Chambord, apple schnapps shaken with lime, raspberry and apple. This was delicious and dare I say it was the best "proper spanking" I'd had! (did I really just write that?). The bar was well stocked and there was a good range of cocktails and drinks on offer, I don't feel the cocktail selection was the most creative I've seen but it was a nice balance of classics with the odd twist. 

On the night there was also samples the new food menu. The menu consists of mostly Pizza's and grilled sandwiches, nothing too fancy, just simple lunch (or soaking up beer) done food at its best.  We made the rookie error of sitting away from where the food was dished out, but what I did get to try was very nice. I also remember describing the chips as the best chips I had tasted. I'm not sure if this was the cocktails talking but either way what a compliment. 

The bowling alleys officially opened with a match between two of my favourite Leeds bands, The Pigeon Detectives and Sunshine Underground. I believe from my cocktail laden conversation with the Pigeon Detectives they won. Note to self when you get the chance to chat your all time favourite band it's best not be drunk! Although they are nice guys and as embarrassing as I promised myself I wouldn't be, they did pose for photos. 

Overall I love the concept of the bar and the idea of an adult bowling alley. Putting a pair of bowling shoes back on defiantly bought back some good childhood memories and I forgot how fun a game of bowling with your friends could be. I cant wait to return and It's nice to have something "grown up" to do other than a night of cocktails (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Have you been to Roxy Lanes?


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