Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Monthly Beauty Favourites

Imperial leather foamburst

VO5 plump it up dry shampoo

superdrug face masks

Imperial leather Foamburst: Sweet vanilla and cherry blossom & Rebalancing green tea and jasmine.*
I love shower gels that lather well as they always tend to feel a little bit more luxurious. The newly revamped foamburst shower gels from Imperial Leather feel great on the skin and are a very affordable treat for the morning wake up shower with the rebalancing green tea and jasmine scent, or good for a post bed shower with the soothing scents of sweet vanilla and cherry blossom. I also find these a great alternative to shaving foam and much better scented (and often cheaper) too. Also the packaging looks pretty cool. 

Superdrug Vitamin E nourishing night cream £2.99
I've had quite dry skin recently and I will admit I don't tent to stick to any long cleansing skin care routine I just use the basics. Therefore I want my products to be simple and require very little effort. Since I do usually forget to moisturise on a morning and am usually running out the house in a rush I prefer to stick to more an easy night time routine. I've never tried many night creams but for £2.99 I picked this up in a Superdrug haul (I think I'm preferring Superdrug to Boots recently) and it's working just fine to add moisture back into my skin. It's by far not the best but for the price It's pretty good and the moisturiser has a good texture. It does the trick for me so spending money on a more expensive night cream seems pretty silly. 

Superdrug dead sea mud mask & aloe vera mud mask £2.59
whenever I'm having bad skin days I seem to always think I really should put a face mask on. Despite these occurring thoughts I haven't bought face masks in years as quite honestly I find them a chore. I am trying to be better to my skin so I picked up these 2 mud mask (buy one get one half price). I must say both have been impressive and they dry very quickly on the skin and you can really feel the tightening tingly sensation on the skin. There is something about mud masks that makes me instantly feel refreshed and reminds me of a spa. Again for the price I'm impressed and hope I find that little bit of extra time to pamper myself every now and again. 

VO5 Plump it up dry shampoo £1.77
I talk quite a bit about my my fine damaged hair and I'm always looking for a quick fix to cure it. Whilst there is no quick fix to this what there is, is a quick fix to volume. Having had a love hate relationship with batiste xxl volume dry shampoo for about 2 years I find it drys the hair out and makes it feel matted. I was sceptical this product would do the same but for a volumising dry shampoo it actually still leaves the hair feeling soft just with the added extra bounce.

What are your favourites this month?


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