Sunday, 29 June 2014

Listen up we're looking for recruits

I  think I'm going to finally admit I love taking outfit posts. Especially when Jess is taking the pictures, I will freaking miss that gal when she goes back to Coventry although I'm sure I will see her little face out and about at events. 

This outfit I feel is "me". Statement heels, Tartan and leather, plus I seem to wear red and black quite a lot. The tights are actually fishnets as well which I feels gives more the rock chic edge too the outfit. I wore this outfit Saturday to meet some of my favourite ladies for lunch...although I was late so I only had time for desert and a cocktail (who's complaining? not me). Then it was onto a meeting with Cohorted, the social shopping website. I'll be explaining more about Cohorted in upcoming posts but for now I recommend you check the website out. 

Jacket: Topshop (old)
Dress: Ark clothing £12.00 (All sale items 241 in store)
Shoes: New look via ASOS (old)
Bag: Zatchels* Currently on sale £50 now £15.00

I love this dress I feel it's one of those multi-wear items, perfect for work, summer with bare legs and winter with thick tights. 

The bag is an amazing treat which I was gifted with at the Zatchels opening in York. It's the perfect size for nights out and I love the metallic red colour. All Zatchels bags are handmade and are excellent quality so I really don't have to worry about the embarrassment I've had over the years from Primark bags snapping on a night out. I think it's more or less fact that 90% of all girls have experiences a primark bag strap snapping on a night out. At first I didn't know what to think of the fastening on the bag been a buckle and not a magnet popper. However I am freakishly paranoid about someone mugging me as I'm waking through town or on nights out so for that reason I love it, it's also not as much hassle as you would think. Plus this weekend only Zatchels have the most amazing sale where there leather bags are reduced, meaning this beauty is down from £50.0 to only £15.00. As much as Mr Banker would disagree I feel I should stock up on more colours.

Now onto the shoes. Yes I am wearing glitter boots. I bought these in a past ASOS sale and at the time I did think, when will I get the chance to ever wear glitter heels however I bought my time for a while and still the opportunity didn't arise. So in the end this weekend I thought I would finally brave wearing them. I don't actually think they look half as outrageous as I expected and I find the cut of ankle boot style added to the  grungy look. I will admit I do like playing dress up with my outfits and creating different looks. 

Verdict on the outfit?

Hope your all enjoying the weekend.

Remeber to check out Cohorted!

 Zatchels sale , ends this weekend.


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