Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nail polish for dates

Obviously the title is a little bit of wishful thinking, but date or no date, a fresh manicure is one way to feel that little bit better about yourself. Plus I keep buying nail varnish and need some justification for the amount I own so a nail polish post it is then. 

Nail polish for a date

Models Own polish for tans flip flop green

Models Own - Polish for tans - Flip Flop £4.99
I wore this rather bright lime green to Leeds Fest this weekend which you may have seen in my outfit post here. The bright colour is certainly eye catching and you never know depending on how much your date is into his nail varnishes it may even be a conversation stater...that what people talk about on dates right?? No...ohhh. Well you will certainly catch his attention with your new bright nails anyhow. Plus if you need to make a run for it at any time I'm pretty sure flagging down a taxi won't be a problem. 

Tanya Burr Little Duck nail varnish

Tanya Burr - Little Duck - Superdrug £5.99
A favourite of bloggers and for good reasons too. This colour is darling and looks so cute. It's more of a pastel shade than the photo gives credit for. This polish did take me a while to track down and I managed to pick it up after 4... yes 4 visits to different Superdrug stores. The polish is nice to apply and only takes one coat (although I always use two for a better finish) so if your in a hurry I would recommend reaching for this. 

Barry M Gelly Effect nail polish prickly pear

Barry M - Gelly Nail Effect - Prickly Pear £3.99
This shade looks elegant and very girlie. Although please paint your nails neater than I do, first impressions count. The beautiful pastel colour has such a nice shine and looks professional and glossy. The nail varnish is thin and does require two coats but overall the Gelly Effects range is a favourite of mine and at £3.99 is defiantly one of the cheaper polishes. 

Revlon Parfumerie nail polish

Revlon Parfumerie - Scented nail polish - Ginger Melon £6.49
A slightly more expensive nail varnish at £6.49 although it's scented! I've never tried any scented nail varnishes before although I've bought a few in the past for other people as gifts and was a little intrigued. Firstly you will only be able to smell the scent when the nail varnish is dry...otherwise it just smells like nail varnish. The colour ginger melon is a a bright shiny pink and I'm not sure what ginger melon should smell like but to me it smells like sweets. For a glossy colour and the scent of sweets this has got to be a winning pick for a date. 

What's your favourite polish?


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