Wednesday, 23 January 2013


So i guess if this is the first entry in the blog that is LittleBlondeLife i should give you a quick introduction to myself. I'm Sammie i'm currently 21 and live in the city of Leeds. I currently don't have much idea as to what personality my blog will take on but i'm already getting excited thinking of ideas to blog about. Been the carefree age of 21 i'm often reminded these should be the best days of my life although it certainly doesn't always feel that way, so i thought i would blog these so-called "best days". The main topics of my blog can expected to be adventure, fashion, food, music and my thoughts on life.

I'm no journalist or photographer, I don't own a dlsr camera or have someone following me about at hand to take my photograph. my aim is to produce a simple blog for everyone to enjoy.  

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