Saturday, 26 January 2013

That gig feeling

So Friday evening i had tickets to see We the kings at the Cockpit in Leeds. I haven't been to a gig in quite a few months and i was rather excited. Sipping lager from a plastic cup and feeling the floor vibrate below my feet as the support band played the excitement was building. As the band emerge onto the stage the crowed rush forward, the music starts as a huddle of people begin jumping. Into the set one of there most popular songs, Sykway Avenue is played and the crowed simultaneously cheers and begin singing the words with the band. The band also played a cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World and ended the gig with their most popular song Check Yet Juliet. I almost forgot how much i love the atmosphere at gigs and i always leave on a high feeling happy. I can't wait for my next gig. Today i bought tickets for Stereophonics at the O2 Acadamy Leeds and i can't wait.

Not the best photo.
We The Kings at the Cockpit Leeds.

Apologies for the typical toilet photo taking session, I'll point out now i'm the least photogenic person ever:
I always hate seeing people in heels at a gig but at least i got a better view: 
Shoes: New look
Jacket: H&M 
Necklace/Bracelets:  Primark

I love collecting ticket stubs

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