Thursday, 24 January 2013

Why i love the snow

So its cold, its wet, we all struggle to get to work and last year the grit on the roads ruined my favorite pair of red leather boots. A lesson i will only need to learn once, don't wear your best shoes in the snow. 

Yet i can't help but feel the snow seems to bring a sense of community back and make people more friendly. Monday the snow near me was pretty bad and i was left with no choice but to walk 2 hours home from work! Along my travels i was given many halfhearted smiles from fellow "snow walkers" and when i stopped of at a local shop to pick up a magazine everyone in line for the checkouts couldn't seem to stop talking to everyone and anyone who would listen about how bad the weather was. I saw random passers by help push a mans car out of the snow and some children help shovel the snow from and elderly mans garden. It made me think why does it take the snow to make us that little bit less selfless? 

My dog Douglas looking a little like a Yeti

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