Sunday, 27 January 2013

My love of quirky books

Yesterday afternoon i was out shopping when i called in Waterstones book shop. I never seem to visit book shops anymore as i don't have time and often i buy all my dvd's, books and cd's of Amazon (last year i became addicted to buying dvd's of Amazon to the point the postman got pretty annoyed at me). Not to mention the key factor here;  i don't read much. So often the books i buy are silly ones. This emphasises why i like to go into the shops as i can flick through the books first.  I'm also yet to discover a book shop that doesn't have a warm, comfortable, cosy feel to it and i enjoy pondering about in them. I found lots of quirky funny books and if i could i would of bought them all. I did look a bit mental laughing very loud in the shop at some of the books.

Been typically hungover on Sunday (last night was a friends birthday, so i was out in Leeds), i'm enjoying flicking through these delightfully little books. 

Hate mail by Mr Bingo, (based on a concept of receiving more fun post the concept hate mail was created, strangers were invited to take part and in return they received a postcard with an offence original drawing on) This is a delightful little book and gave me plenty of giggles. 

You will never be as good a Peter Andre

My favorite reads: Dear Gavin, If you was a supermarket you'd be a Lidl

F in exams, the best test paper blunders by Richard Benson. 

Sign Language: By the Daily Telegraph.

Hope you all had a giggle at these too.


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