Monday, 28 January 2013

My 1st wishlist

My first wishlist: hope you all like, all comments welcome.

I don't know about you guys but i'm defiantly still feeling the pinch after Christmas! The January blues and empty pockets spilling into February so i'v decided to think more carefully about what i buy. 

As soon as i saw the monochrome skinny jeans they jumped out of the page and i need these!! To a lot of people these may seen a little bold but there so me! Is is strange i feel my most comfortable in such statement clothing?

Secondly since purchasing my mid length dress (picture on my blog recently) i'm converted to all mid length items. I really didn't think the dress would suit me but i'm hooked, so i'm stepping things up with this skirt.

This brings me onto the shoes, i'v always been a fan of high-high heels and the bigger the better, been only 5ft2 there more of a necessity in my life (or at least that's what i tell myself every time i buy a pair) so i'v never given any small heels a chance. Until now. 
I'm not sure whats made me want a pair of low pointed heels but there stuck in my head, perhaps id wear these with a pair of boyfriend jeans or dungarees. I'm quite excited to see this fashion trend progress this year, outfit suggestions for these welcome.

The red beanie hat is more a necessity since its been pretty chilly. This winters also made me realise i don't own a hat! Maybe the hat would look pretty good with the shoes in a street style kind of way?

Vintage Jumper..need i say any more. I'm a massive fan and often finding vintage items is a pain, takes time and lots of outbidding on ebay. So i'm thrilled Arc have launched there own vintage section.


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