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November Degustabox | Winter Box

Well this week has been a long week. I booked the week of work for a chance to relax and get all my Christmas shopping done and instead I've been busier than ever. Last Friday - Monday I spent a relaxing long weekend in a rather nice cottage in North Yorkshire. Although with 7 other girls was anything but a quiet weekend. Wednesday I was in Manchester for the day as I went to watch Ben Howard at the 02 Academy, I would defiantly recommend going to see him live if your a fan. Then Thursday until today I've been away in York. So returning home to another arrival of a Degustabox was a lovely treat. That and of course sleeping in my own bed. 

November Degustabox

November Degustabox

November Degustabox

November Degustabox

November Degustabox

The Degustabox is always something I look forward to receiving, a box full of homely goodies and a chance to try new foods. My friends have pointed out to me over the past week that I am rather a fuss pot when it comes out eating out and if I'm honest I love home cooking. I've been looking at houses a lot recently and creating Pinterest boards of my dream home and I defiantly visualise a future in a country kitchen cooking up dinner parties for friends and baking at the weekends. Although that will defiantly be a few years away at the moment. This months box as always was a mix of products of snacks, drinks and items for delicious home cooking. 

Kettle chips
Everyone loves Kettle chips. There crunchy, tasty and up there in the world of crisps. I'd never heard of the flavour salsa & mesquite. They taste a little like you would expect salsa to taste like and the only way I can describe these is a cross between tomato ketchup crisps and smokey bacon. 

Cool Dawn Recovery drink
A detox drink to prevent hangovers. I best get stocking up before Christmas. This did have an odd flavour though a kind of citrus taste with an after taste of liquorish. It was a lot more pleasant than it sounds and hey if it helps me keep on partying over the festive period, I'm a fan.

Lindor melting moments
What is there to say here. Lindt. Chocolate. Melting centre. Heaven. 

Kent's Kitchen flavour shots
Flavour shots have been a around a while now. Although I've not seen BBQ flavour ones yet. I've used these before and find them an easy way to add flavour to a lot of dishes. I've not used the BBQ flavour yet but thinking of cooking up something easy like chicken fajitas with these. 

Branstons caramelised onion chutney
Onion chutneys always seems to come in handy at Christmas time. Prefect to go with cheeses and all kinds of party foods. I've already bought in some ingredients and think I'm going to make some mini goats cheese tart type things using this. 

PIP Organic cloudy apple juice
PIP Organic is a family run business based in London producing organic juices. No added sugars or preserves just pure juice. The cloudy apple was refreshing and tasty. I did think the bottles look a little small but there actually a nice size to go with breakfast on the go. 

Montano cider
I've not yet  tasted this. Shocking right. I'm not actually a cider fan unless there the fruit ones so I'll pass this on to my dad. It's said to be a medium dry crisp cider so I suspect he will actually really enjoy this.

Holy Cow cooking sauce
Holy Cow is a brand making authentic Indian sauces. I'm sure if your like me, opening a jar of sauce and adding this to meat qualifies you as a chef. I do like cooking but lets be honest after a long day we all want an easy option. I'm hoping the taste will actually be authentic, often too many cooking sauces taste a little too sweet and processed so I'm hoping by using these I can promote myself to Head Chef. 

Sample present (Drink me chai tea)
Chai tea on a cold day is always a favourite. I'm not just awaiting the snow to fully feel all cosy. 

Have you tried Degustabox?


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