Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Step back in time | outfit of the day

I've spoke in two of my recent outfit posts (here and here) what I feel most comfortable in, typically for my it's jeans and trainers, something I've never grown out of. However there is a big part of me which will always love the "dress up" size of fashion. In fact if you asked my friends I've never really been one for having a specific look.

I've talked a long time ago about it been weird how I feel most comfortable in some of the boldest outfits and when I first started going out many moons ago now, I've always had some rather "out there" outfits. I guess it's kind of empowering been able to create different persona's through what we wear, it's kind of crazy to be honest. I've been looking at this look for ages and really can't put my finger on what era of fashion it reminds me of  but either way it's one of my new favourite looks. 

Primark thigh high boots
Primark thigh high boots

As it will come as no surprise to anyone the outfit was created shoes first, then finding a dress to match. I've been wanting thigh high boots for ages and recent fashion trends has meant I can now get away with wearing a pair without feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman. Although since thigh high boots aren't practical for much (although surprisingly comfortable) I picked these up in Primark for £20.00. 

In my head I knew the exact style of dress I wanted the pair with the shoes, I found this dress near perfect in Miss Selfridge during the mad Friday sale. The dress was originally a mid length dress, but as I loved the high neck and long sleeves so much I decided to get it anyways and have the length altered. 

 Photo credits - Jess Nelson

Dress - MissSelfridge (additional alterations)
Boots - Primark (current season)

Thoughts on the look?


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