Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Christmas Jumper alternative

When I told you my last outfit post look was the most "me" I looked at the post and thought the whole outfit really sums up entirely what I feel most comfortable in wearing from my wardrobe. What I'm going to refere to as comfort clothes.I do kind of think this t-shirt is a typical "me" throw on item, and the fact it's Christmas related is an extra bonus. 

Primark Holidays are coming t-shirt

A few weeks ago, I was sat blissfully blogging away paying no attention to anything around me, lost in my own little cyber world, when a noise caught my attention. A sound of twinkling bells coming from the TV, I looked up as I felt a grin forming across my face before I had even had a chance to look at the television, yep there it was the coca-cola truck gliding through my living room. I don't care if the John Lewis advert may cause more of a hype, if Sainsburry's have made us all cry this year, for me the one advert which will always be a sign of Christmas more than anything else is the coca-cola holidays are coming advert. 

So naturally you can imagine my excitement when I found this t-shirt in Primark of all place for the utter bargain of £6.00. I did question back in November when I purchased it if it was a little early for Christmas clothing to be hitting the shops but quite frankly I wasn't prepared for this to sell out. 

Primark Holidays are coming t-shirt

Photo credits: Jess Nelson

Holidays are coming t-shirt - Primark £6.00 (in store)
Also if your wondering, I have on skinny jeans and trainers with this.

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