Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Casino night at White Cloth Gallery #bgomeetup | OOTD

It's always great whenever I get the chance to attend events with my blogging friends, catch up with old faces and have a mingle with new ones too. Last weekend I attended one of the funnest events yet, a casino themed night for BGO hosted at White Cloth Gallery in Leeds by the lovely guys at Joe Blogs (blogger network). 

Now before I get onto the fun stuff, I'll just share a cheeky outfit of the day, simply because I love these checked trousers. You say Rupert the Bear I say cool as hell. 

Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Jacket: Topshop
Jersey long sleeve top: Topshop

I was running late to the event...as I always am, following my hair appointment. 4 hours for my hair doing!! I know, right. Such a pain, but I've had my roots faded out, my hair for now can't taken any more bleach at the moment so for now I've considered some low lights to blend out the roots. Anyways you probably want to know about the event, not my hair, so here goes. 

I was greeted by the Lovely Haydn upon arrival and handed some paper money to play with and some chips as drinks tokens for the night. After ordering a diet coke large white wine, I checked out the tables and cashed in my money for chips. 

Ever since I was a little girl I've always been kind of lucky. Although I've never won the lottery, I was always kind of jammy at picking out the winning tickets at things like tombolas, fair ground games and lets not forget the gold fish I won when I was two years old on hook and duck, which to my parents despair of cleaning the tank lived till I was 21. 

This has to some extent always stuck with me, I remember my first visit to a casino when I was 18 and I bet £5 on number 11 for my birthday. Nothing else just that one chip. I actually won, then as I didn't move my chip of the number back as I didn't realize no one else can touch my chips I actually won twice in a row. For a first visit I was pretty darn impressed, took my winnings and had a rather enjoyable night out after. 

Throughout the night we was taught how to play poker, black jack and roulette by the professional team at BGO. I didn't realize there was competitions running throughout the night and the bloggers who made the most were to win prizes. That said I did well with my first 3 hands in a row at black jack scoring 21 and I was pretty lucky at roulette too. 

As the night came to an end it was time for the prize giving. Since I didn't know this was happening I bet all my chips on black on roulette and lost. I actually think I would of had a good chance of winning if not. Once the prizes were handed out the last remaining prize everyone was given the chance to win by a simple good old fashioned cheering contest. Cheer the loudest for the person you want to win. To my utter shock I actually received a rather loud cheer and won! I was shocked! It really made me see just how many people I had got to know through blogging, despite it sounding weird to outsiders who see these people as "internet friends" It really made me so happy to see all my friends coming together through this bizarre online world. 


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