Monday, 17 November 2014

What is Black Friday? | Giveaway

If I'm quite honest I actually don't remember any talk about Black Friday until last year. Maybe it's been going on for years and I've been in some kind of shopping less bubble...although if it means a day where shoe's hit the sale then I'm sure I would of been taking note. Still racking my brains on this one, nope, I'm pretty sure it only became marketed in the UK last year-ish. 

Any how, for those of you who's ear's pricked up when I mentioned shoes I shall explain just what gibberish I am talking. Black Friday is the (just checking wikipedia, hang on one moment) Friday following Thanksgiving, which is often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping period and as such shops throw sales to commence what is thought as of the biggest Christmas shopping day. (there's a little more to it regarding US holidays etc but that's the basics) In simple terms my own words, a massive freaking shopping sale! Which is set for Friday 28th November 2014. 

Now knowing what's set to hit the sales is a little bit of a mystery often until the day. There's often discount codes flying about everywhere and typically the bigger stores such a House of Fraser which are recognising this US holiday. Therefore if you saw my last post, you will know I found my perfect Little Black Dress, so this time I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of party shoes to match. 

Episode, suede over the knee boots - £145.00
I've been after some over the knee boots for quite a while now (well one whole week). I keep looking on Pinterest for styling tips, then doubting myself if I'm stylish enough to pull these of. Whenever I see these boots and imagine sixties style high necked swing dress, bold winged eye-liner and perfect cheek bones. Well I still might not have mastered winged eye-liner, but the thought of floaty dresses and over the knee boots...dreamy. 

Carvela, Gridlock high heeled strappy court shoes - £140.00
You know how that old saying goes, Red shoes, no knickers, sassy as hell! 

Carvela, Galaxy High Heels - £150.00
I've been walking past these shoes almost daily, in a window display in Leeds city centre. I have kind of a moment where most passers by would think I was stood gazing at the last puppy for sale in a pet shop, however I'm daydreaming of the day these shoe's will be mine. There quite the party show stopper. 

Now I'm not just simply going to show you wonderful shoes today, although what more do you need on a Monday. Well to give all my lovely readers a chance to shop the sales this Friday, I'm giving away a £30.00 House of Fraser voucher to one lucky reader to go hit the sale. 

Entries via rafflecopter below. Please see terms and conditions. 


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