Monday, 25 March 2013

Fireman Sam

Sunday was my little cousins 5th birthday party. Despite the snow it was a fun day and i forgot how good it was going to party's when you was little.Were the only care in the world you had was trying to out run the other kids to the middle in the hokey cokey (maybe that was me, i was always the kid who would pull you over during the hokey cokey, i was also the kid who passed the parcel really slow and randomly stopped moving during musical sautes in case the music stopped) Thinking about it i learned how to party the best from an early age. The whole day really made it sink in to me how its the simple things in life that make us happy. Watching all the kids running around enjoying themselves without a care in the world was rather refreshing yet at the same time made me thing it feels like it was only yesterday since my 5th birthday party. Were does time go?

I would like to wish my little cousin George a Happy 5th Birthday for Tuesday. On Sunday he was very lucky and had a fire engine birthday party and not wanting to miss out on the fun i obviously had to have a go. 

Sunday evening i then went for a catch up with my friend to the Library pub in Hyde Park in Leeds we had some food and watched some bands upstairs. I always aim to have an early Sunday but that never seems to happen.

How do you spend your Sunday?


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