Saturday, 9 February 2013

25 Facts about Sammie

I'm a little late with the post, however i thought i'd share these random facts about me with you.

1. My dream holiday is Las Vegas, I'm currently saving to go in May 2014 for my 23rd birthday. ( i'm not sure what i mean by saving i haven't saved anything yet)

2. I have always wanted to run the London marathon, I have no idea were this aspiration has come from, i think when i was little i recall seeing the marathon on the TV when i was in a good mood or having a nice day so maybe i linked the 2 together in my head. If you know me you will laugh at this. I may never run the London Marathon but this year i plan to start on the smaller races and see how that goes.

3. I love drinking different herbal tea as it cheers me seeing what colour the tea will go. A high point of last week for me was when a bag of pear and vanilla made the cup purple. (when your sat at a desk all day the smallest things become amusing).

4. I am not a morning person and once slept in for work until 3'o'clock, i'm slowly improving my time keeping. 

5. I laugh a lot. 

6. My favorite food Mexican.

7. When i'm drunk i think i'm Jamie Oliver (however i'm not sure if adding spices to super noodles makes me a good cook). This also often leads to me waking up next to the most random plates of food ever and occasionally nearly burning the house down. 

8. I dislike Nandos. Ok so its nice chicken, but i'm paying near restaurant price to serve myself. (also the first time i went when they asked me how i would like my food i got a little flustered as i hadn't decided and blurted out extra hot as it was the first thing that came to mind. I then spent the whole meal having to get up to serve myself drinks)

9.  The last gig i went to was We The Kings. The next gig i'm going to is Stereophonics.

10. When i was little i always wanted a drum kit for Christmas, yet i got told Santa couldn't fit it down the chimney. (I have no idea what my parents excuse was for the Mr Frosty)

11. I have been to 8 festivals, (Leeds Festival 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, Sonisphere 11, Download 12).

12.  I once locked myself in the bathroom Christmas day as i didn't get any stuffing at Christmas dinner as everyone else ate it (I must add this was a very long time ago..but its the best part of the dinner, I will add don't judge me on this)

13. When i was in primary school i was always jealous of kids who got dairylea lunchables or billy bear ham in there pack lunches, looking back i have no desire what so ever to ever consume one of these products but back in the day this seemed like a michelin star packed lunch

14. My favorite films are Taken and Blow.

15. My favorite childhood film is Babe. 

16. When i was little i knocked my 2 front teeth out when i crashed into a wall on my bike. 

17. I love finding new drinks, my best find recently was strawberry cheesecake flavored vodka. (This was in the Asda for £10 however i'v not seen it since)

18. My dream job is to be an air-stewardess for the RAF. 

19. My favorite celebrity's at the moment is Kelly Osborne.

20. I hate going shopping with people. I find it so much nicer on my own taking my time to ponder around the shops. 

21. On May 11th 2013, I will be 22 years old. 

22. I still love watching the WWE wrestling (my childhood fav was Edge).

23. When i was younger i use to pick what Christmas presents i wanted by how bigger box they came in. I once got a foosball table as it was the biggest thing i could find. It was pretty cool to play with as well.

24. My star-sign (Taurus) says i'm likely to be stubborn. This is true. 

25. When i'm on a night out and Beyonce comes on...i think i'm Beyonce with my dance moves..i probably look silly, but who cares. 

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