Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A simple month

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Josephine satin courts

Today was payday. This month i have vowed i will not buy anything that is not essential, clothes, DVDS, books,magazines, the take away at the end of a night out, you get the idea. Now don't get me wrong i'm not giving up my social life i'll still be enjoyin days and nights out but i think material things distract us too much. For example looking back to when i was in college i had far less money to spend on all these things yet i appreciated what i bought more. If i saw something in a shop i liked i might take me a few months before i bought it, yet when i finally bought the item it made me happy. Yet recently i buy things all the time and have no appreciation for them. I have a warbrobe full of primark and topshop and i dont feel i apreciate any of, despite working hard to buy it all. This is also why i promised myself i will start buying less and better quality. 
Recently in the world of blogging there has been a trend of "hauls" primark haul, boots haul, nail polish haul, etc and its a shame we feel the need to buy everything in our site to make us happy. Lets be honest we've all walked through primark and treated it like we had just been picked for a trolley dash aimless throwing jumpers, socks, necklaces, scarfs, pjs into the basket because it was cheap yet has this ever made us happy? 
On my to-do list this year was to buy a pair of designer shoes.Even though it might take me a while to buy them, as i intend to actually save for them and not blow all my wage. Then there is the issue I might hardly ever get chance to wear my pair of designer shoes (or more likely not be able to walk in them) however i know the happiness gained by having to wait for something i relly want will out way everything else. 
Since those shoes pictured above also cost £575 they are little dream. However there has been a little more affordable something that had caught my eye recently so i'v promised myself if i complete this spending ban, i'll treat myself to one quality item. (i'm keeping it a secret for now what i'v seen) I am going away to Berlin in a few weeks for my birthday so i might extend my good shopping to 2 months.


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