Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette look

So if you follow me on twitter and read my previous post, you will be aware that my new favourite toy is the Urban Decay Electric Palette. Since you've all read a million reviews on the product and probably seen it in every YouTube make up tutorial going at the moment, I thought I'd step away from a review as such as share with you my favourite look. 

I did promise myself I would be more adventurous and step away from the greens and blues and try creating more looks with the pinks and oranges but old habits die hard. Now I'm far from good at make up but I do like experimenting, especially with bright bold eyes. 

urban decay electric pallet look

urban decay electric pallet look

urban decay electric pallet look

The shades used here are Revolt, Freak (my favourite), Fringe and Gonzo.

I've really loved experimenting with the pallet so far, however the shades weren't as bright as I thought they would be. However it is easy to build colour with good make up brushes and the colours do blend well.

Thoughts on the look?


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