Sunday, 27 July 2014

My first week at the gym...and why ithe gym is not as bad as you think

Firstly it's pretty easy to categorise people who go the gym, the typically body builders, the gym bunnies y'know perfectly toned girls who never seem to break a sweat and prance around the changing rooms like there at home, then there's the rest of who are typically a little flabby feeling slightly awkward about being there.

I decided last week enough was enough feeling flabby and unfit and decided to finally a join a gym! 

I'd put it of for a good few months convincing myself it would be awkward, telling myself it's a waste when I only really know how to use a treadmill and panicking about the most trivial things. What if the changing rooms are weird and awkward layout so I have to uncomfortably get showered and dressed in-front of the gym bunnies making me feel the Mitchell man woman, what if I get stuck in the weird pin coded turnstile doors and mostly I didn't want to look for feel silly and awkward. Plus my biggest fear been what if I'm the unfitness person there. 

I decided things wouldn't change unless I took the plunge, so I finally joined and Monday was the induction. I decided to get changed into my gym clothes at work to prevent any potential changing room embarrassment and set of the gym, now if you've been to pure gym in Leeds you may have notice the massive sign that says gym with an arrow pointing to the side, I however embarrassingly found this actually leads you into the doorway of zizzi's restaurant and in fact the gym is around the corner, after embarrassing walking into the restaurant first, my hopes were not high. Finally entering the gym correctly I then stood there with my phone trying to find my pin code for the turn-stall doors and then proceeding to get my back stuck in there and awkwardly shuffled through. Finally I was in the gym and stood a little glum looking for the changing rooms. After locating them I then realised I needed to buy a padlock, having pre-read everything on the website first I knew the machines took card payments and didn't panic too much about having no change, after 10 minuets of stressfully trying to work out how to get my card to work in the weirdest card payment machine ever I finally had my locker padlock. 

It was then "induction time" I again had no idea where to go but noticed another girl looking lost stood near the induction sign so I lurked near by hoping an instructor would turn up. We got talking and after a few minuets I realised I wasn't alone in my post gym fears, the other girl even said she worried so much about getting in and buying a padlock she came down on her lunch break to ensure she could get in and to make sure she had exactly £4.00 in change for the padlock vending machine. This was very nice to hear it wasn't just me with my "silly" worries. After a couple of minuets a rather polite (good looking) instructor wondered over to introduce his self and show us around. 

I decided at the end of the induction I would book in for a personal training session. I decided I needed someone to really push me, plus as a rule of thumb (in my own head) it's impossible to look silly with a personal trainer. I also really want to tone up and simply the trusty treadmill is never going to get me a tones stomach and abs. Plus I have no clue what I'm doing so this will help a lot. 

I felt confident with myself that evening after my first time (at the gym) and decided to take the plunge for a fitness class. I hate pretty much anything other than the treadmill and I really don't want to stand about in the middle of the gym floor trying to tone up on own with some embarrassing sit ups or weights on my own so taking a class seemed like the only option. 

The next day I booked in for the fast abs class. At the start of the class I noticed it wasn't just me who again looked a little lost and I again got chatting to people. The class was hard and I'm not going to lie I did for the most part spend it collapsed hugging my floor mat in pain, but as I looked around I wasn't alone as people pulled faces at one an other expressing there struggles. I again left a little more confident. 

A whole week has now passed and I'm actually loving the gym. I so glad I took decision to start the classes as there helpful for beginners and it's shown me there are tons more people like me out there who aren't experienced gym goers and are just doing there best to look a little better. I even got up early this morning to try a yoga class, something I've wanted to try for a while.  However been yelled at "that is not downward dog..that is not yoga" by the instructor, wasn't the relaxing experience I thought it would be. However as the girl at the side of me got equally as "told of" there was the exchanging of glances and sniggers and it made the class enjoyable. 

The personal training session however was intense, I left feeling sick and felt like my legs were ready to collapse. I thought that only happened to people on the biggest looser but apparently not. The pain the next day was tough and I practically felt like I was learning to walk again but I was proud of the pain. 

I'm actually shocked I'm about to write to...but I am really starting to love the gym. I'm hoping this will become more and more routine as the week progress. I'm photographing the changes and after the first week I've already noticed some change. I'm not into calorie counting and recording me weight I just want to carry on to try my best and aim to make healthier decisions. I'll hopefully dare to upload the pictures in a few months time. 

What's your views on the gym?


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