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Degustabox review September

It's that time of the month again...I should defiantly rephrase that! What I'm talking about is this month another Degustabox arrived. I had no idea it was coming so it was a very nice surprise. I honestly get more excited about this arriving than I do any other highlight of the month, yep it's right up there with pay day, comedy night at Hirst Yard, weekend trips and nights out. 

Despite this been my second Degustabox (you can check out the first one here) I only just realised degusta is Spanish meaning tasting. It pretty much describes it's self, that's my job done here then. 

So what was in this months box I hear you ask?








This months box contained:

Jordans Simply Granola £2.69
Despite not eating breakfast much, usually due to time rather than the fact I don't enjoy it, I'm quite a fan of granola. I was very happy to see this in this months box and will try and start getting up that little bit earlier to make the effort. 

3 x Burts Lentil Waves £0.69 each
Lentil waves as they call them, or as I call them "nice crisps" these were pretty tasty and if I spot them in the supermarket or on my lunch breaks I will be purchasing these. 

2 x Pick up! Biscuit's 5 pack £1.69 each
I'm not a sweet tooth at all so I wasn't fussed for biscuts, that said they wasn't left in the fridge long before the rest of the family consumed them (all) and from I hear they was pretty tasty. 

Crabbies Alcoholic fruits £1.50 (alcohol option)
Ahh the alcholic treat in the box. This was pretty nice and refreshing and made me think it would be the perfect refreshment for a summer garden party. Since I'm not hosting any garden parties and the fact it's raining outside I had to make do with this the TV.

Crabbies lemonaide £1.20 (non-alcoholic option)
The above but non-alocholic, you get the jist. However with very pretty packaging.

2 x Little Miracles drink £1.59 each
The saviour of my week. Since I've been very run down this week these have been a massive boost. Since there stocked in Sainsburrys I've been trying to pick these up more often in stead of my morning red bull (naughty I know). I've found they have helped perk me up a little bit and I think I will defiantly be reaching for these more.

2 x Carnations cook with it £1.65 each
I've yet to try these, but for anyone who likes cooking they look pretty fun. Not sure what they could be used for but I imagine making pasta sauce... because I'm so creative.

Elizabeth Shaw mint thins dark chocolate £2.50
Again not a chocolate lover but I don't mind the odd bit of dark chocolate and these are pretty morish.

La Vieja Fabrica marmalde £1.59
I will admit I've not tried this yet but as I've said I'm going to try and make time for breakfast more, I might swap this for the beloved Marmite for a few weeks.

Ritghteous dressings 225ml bottles £2.49
Still to test these out but blue cheese is a favourite of mine so I'm especially looking forward to the blue cheese and cider dressing.

Have you tried this months Degustabox?


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*product sent free of charge for review purposes, all opinions remain my own and unbiased*

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