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Let's all be a little nicer #ShareTheLove ( £60 resturant choice voucher Giveaway) | Jamies Itallian Leeds Review

As a blogger taking part in fun campaigns is always a highlight. Sharing the experiences with friends is even better. The #ShareTheLove is the idea behind intellicig in line with their share a starter kit, to help you and your bestie kick that bad habit together. 

Intellicig have the idea that one little random act of kindness and one small change in your day can really make a big difference to someone else's. Holding a door open, leaving a tip, a fun post it note at work, it's the little things we can do which can help improve someone else day. I'm quite a big believer in kama "what goes around comes around" and all that jazz, but I'd like to think there's some truth in the statement. Coincidently enough before I treated my bestie to a slap up meal (and me a night away from slaving over the cooker super noodles), she treated me to a drink and as such a random stranger gave us a  full bottle of prosecco on his way out the bar (this did look to be the end of some big business celebration) but still it was brilliant timing. 

The random act of kindness of from the generous stranger, did also get me thinking. My friends first reaction was to look shocked then imply he must have an alterer motive, mine was to simply think that was very nice of him. It did make me question though why as a nation we seem to question the generosity of others, I read a while back, there's no such thing as as a selfless act of kindness as we do these acts to gain satisfaction for ourselves by knowing we did something good for someone else (still with me?). I think it's all hoo-haa and been a little nicer to one and other should be welcomed with open arms. 

So let's add a few drunken snaps (wine eyes!) and talk about the meal at Jamie's Italian I treat the bestie too. 

Jamies Italian Leeds

Having already have a good few glasses of prosecco before I arrived at Jamie's Italian was pretty peckish. I choose the Italian Nachos £3.95 to nibble on (crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses and served with arrabbitata sauce)   

Jamies Italian Leeds

To start with I choose the fresh crab bruchetta, dressed with finely sliced fennel, lemon and chilli £6.70. This was the highlight of my meal and tasted light and fresh. The bestie went for the crispy porcini mushroom arancini £5.50. In the interest of blogging a review we shared both the starters, I wasn't too impressed by the arancini, it tasted a little dry and the sauce overpowered any taste of mushroom. A little disappointing.  

Jamies Italian Leeds
Jamies Italian Leeds

Moving on mains. It was a hard choice what to order as both of out first choices was the osso buco which happened to be sold out. Obviously must of been a good pick. In the end I picked a pasta dish. Obviously skipping the my fitness pal log on this evening. Laura choose a classic burger (I knew she would!). The Jamie's Italian Burger £10.95 a classic British beef burger topped with mozzarella, onions, tomato, pickles and chilli served with chips, looks mouth watering, I typically don't order burgers (in non burger restaurants) as I find it a dull option although it looked pretty good and I was impressed it came with chips. What's the deal with buying the chips as an extra now a days. 

I went for a pasta option of Jamie's Sausage Pappardelle £11.95 main £6.95 starter. A ragu of slow cooked fennel and free range pork sausage with torrione chianti, parmesan and herby bread crumbs.  As nice as the ragu tasted I felt let down by the dish, the pasta was overcooked and despite Jamie been the apparent king of school dinners the over cooked pasta seemed more suited to a primary school than a fine dining establishment. 

Jamies Italian Leeds
Jamies Italian Leeds

Now i'm going to shock you all when I reveal I had a desert. I'm a desert hater and hate the sweets but since I was sharing the love with my friend I thought I'd go all out and treat myself that extra mile too. 

Jamies Italian Leeds

The campaign really got me thinking how I can share the love with others more. A nice opportunity came about at work where a colleague has been collecting toiletries/beauty bits for young people in hostels and so I thought I'd use the opportunity to bring in all my unopened beauty bits (I've literally draw's full) and donate them as I know that small gesture from myself will have a huge impact for someone. 

How can you share the love? My suggestions:
The British classic...make someone a cup of tea
Hold a door open
Enter the give away below and treat a loved one

To share the love back I'm giving away £60.00 worth of RestaurantChoice vouchers for you to #ShareTheLove 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


*campaign in collaboration with intellicig*

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