Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pin Up Couture Tattoo Shoes via Attitude Clothing | Outfit post

I love outfit posts, despite having zero photogenic-ness in me, I couldn't wait to show you my new Pin Up Couture Tattoo shoes from attitude clothing

I really really wanted to re-take these photos, my mum doesn't seem to grasp blog photos and these aren't really that great. I'm not sure if I can blame my mums photos taking skills, or my lack of been photogenic, in fact genetically I probably got that from her too, so sorry mum your getting the blame. However I'm a bit in love with these shoes and couldn't wait much longer to share them with you. 

I've obviously gone for the classic poses, looking into the distance, looking beyond you, hand on hip and ....touching my boob look. 

The shoes were a little gift from Attitude Clothing, looking through the website there's some amazing rockabilly style pieces however I'm a shoe lover at heart and couldn't resist the Pin Up Couture Tattoo shoes. 

Going for a more classic style I teamed the shoes with a black jumpsuit. I've been looking for a nice comfortable jumpsuit for well over a year now and found myself the perfect jumpsuit in Matalan 2 weeks ago. I think it's also a great match for the shoes as they are the real key piece to the outfit after all. 

Pin up couture tattoo shoes

Despite looking sky high the killer heels are actually very comfortable and easy to walk in. I've a burlesque night coming up next week (watching a professional show, not me getting too drunk at the weekend) so it will be the perfect opportunity to take the shoes on a night they deserve. 

Pin up couture tattoo shoes

Pin up couture tattoo shoes

Jumpsuit - Matalan (currently season) £18.00 
Shoes - Attitude Clothing £67.99*


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