Sunday, 23 February 2014

A little trip to Lush

So every month I love taking a little trip to Lush and trying a few new things, as I don't have a bath it's often a little depressing, however I've really become fond of the Lush shower gels and other non bath products. I especially love the way Lush bring out new special products for every event so there's always something new to try. This month I picked up the Prince Charming shower gel what's become a real favourite. I really wish I picked this up in a bigger bottle thought. I usually buy the smallest sizes as the products last well and It means as soon as I'm finishes It's and excuse to take another trip.

It's Raining Men - Shower Gel 
100g - £4.50
I've surprisingly never tried this before but I love it. For me this product sums up the amazing scents of Lush and in some ways I thought this product had a classic "Lush" smell. I know that's a little weird as all Lush products have a unique scent but that was just my views. Based on the popular honey I washed the kids soap the shower gel has a sweet honey smell with a hint of orange that lingers on the skin all day. The honey based product is also great for anyone who suffers with dry skin.

Prince Charming - Shower Gel
(Valentines collection, still available in selected stores)
100g - £4.65
So I usually look forward to Christmas for the reasons the snow fairy shower gel is released in Lush. However I think I've now found a new favourite. However Lush have done it again the Prince Charming shower gel is a limited edition product for valentines day. Lush you little tease. This is honestly the nicest scent I've ever smelt in a lush product. Although the description is marshmallow roots, vanilla and pomegranate to me this product smells a lot like lemon bon bons. Smelling the product from the bottle in the shop I couldn't make my mind up but was sold on the name anyway. However when I first used this product in shower I was amazed at the powerful sweet yet fresh scent and today I'm of an a little hunt for another bottle before it finally goes. 

Vanilla Puff - Dusting Powder
50g - £4.75
I've never really been sure of the actual use of talcum powder, I simply remember my mum putting it in my swimming cap as a child before my swimming lessons. Was this just me? However it was something I'd not tried so I thought I'd give it a go.  Luckily the bottle comes with a few little instructions for use and explains to pop onto clean dry skin before bed or before getting dresses. It basically takes away any tackiness from the skin and leave its silky and feeling fresh, it's also supposedly good on hot days to keep skin from feeling clammy and would be good for shoes to stop shoes rubbing as easy. It's also a good alternative for a dry shampoo. Overall this was a good new product to try and it's fun finding all the uses for it. It is in essence a luxurious talcum powder with a vanilla scent, but if your a fan of lush it's worth a try. 

Have you tried any new products from Lush?


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