Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lush Leeds Spa review

So last Thursday I was invited down to the Lush Spa in Leeds city centre. I never actually knew the spa existed and I certainly didn't expect such an amazing little gem hidden downstairs in such a busy high-street yet beloved shop. It felt as close to walking through the wardrobe doors into Narnai as you can get in Leeds. 

I've never been to a spa but when I imagine what one might look like I image white walls, women walking around in bath robes and it's actually one of the situations I would dread being in. The child in me comes back out a little were I imagine a world for grown ups leaving me feeling slightly awkward not sure exactly where I'm suppose to go or what I'm suppose to do.  However rest assured the Lush Spa could not be further away from the horror of my imagination. 

Walking into the spa you first arrive in what feels like a kitchen. (In fact what I'm now calling the kitchen of my dreams). The kitchen can often to be said to the heart of the home and the spa design is so incredible you feel relaxed and welcome at once. We sat round the table (I was joined by the two incredible bloggers Kerys and Kelly) and was introduced to the therapists who explained out treatments.

I was given the lush facial and I was also treated to a tasted of the lush sound bath using there tuning forks what are used in meditation during the treatment. I can honestly say the facials are very unique and such a wonderful experience. I am counting down the moments until pay day to book in for my next treatment.  

I was truly amazed by the experience and although I've never been to a spa I can honestly say the experience was unique. I would like to say a huge thank you to my therapist Gemma who made the experience so relaxing and made me feel so welcome. My skin felt amazing after the facial and I almost felt asleep (what's encouraged) the treatments were so relaxing. 

All details of the full range of treatments can be found on the Lush website

I can honestly say the lush spa is a wonderful experience and much more than a regular spa.

It's times like these when I am truly thankful for the opportunities that are given to Little Blonde Life and hand on heart I will be returning.

Have you checked out the Lush Spa?


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