Thursday, 29 August 2013

How does a festival compare to a night out?

I was recently shocked when I was informed that on a survey of over 2000 women 70% of them preferred a night in over a night out. Not me, I initially thought! I would be partying it up every day of the week if my bank balance and work commitments didn't get in the way.

Having just returned home this week from Leeds Festival it got me thinking how does a festival compare to a night out? With the expenses of festivals rising to the cost of a weeks holiday almost is it even worth it? 

When I read the interesting results it appears almost everything we hate about a night out happens ten times worse at a festival, for example 46% of us hate drinks been spilled on us (at a festival were always thankful that the liquid been thrown is beer not errmmm...) and 55% of us hate toilets that don't lock or don't have toilet paper (have you used a festival port-a-loo!).Plus other put off's on the list include being sick in public(I'll hold my hands up), loosing money or a mobile phone, having to look after a drunk friend (I'm the drunk friend) not to mention sore feet (at one point this year I started to wonder if trench foot would become a possibility). But somehow all of this doesn't stop me spending hundreds of pounds on festivals each year.  

Yes festivals can be muddy, believe me when I say you will never look like the girls in a magazine at a festival with perfect hair it's simply impossible, you will be cold on a night, if your lucky to start a fire you will be the one sat were the wind blows the smoke into your eyes, you will have various liquid thrown at you when you see your favourite band, at one point you will loose your friends, your feet will hurt and don't even get me started on the pain of carrying your stuff from the car to the camp site. Nightmare. But its worth it. 

So what exactly makes a festival better than a night out. No one judges how you dress, the music will be loud, you choose what music you want to listen to, the general chit chat and awesome banter, you will make new friends and meet new people, you can drink your own beer, if you fall over you’re amongst friends and you can stay up as long as you like.

Over all for me a festival for me will always win over a night out or a holiday, as much as I secretly loved coming back to my home comforts, a warm shower and fresh bedding, a festival is an experience I will never miss. 

Do you prefer a night in or a night out?
A holiday or a festival? 


“Written in collaboration with Ladbrokes Bingo”

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