Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Beauty Favourites

 It feels a little weird jumping form a foodie post into a beauty favourites, well what can I say, my blog my rules. 

I've had quite a few beauty products to get excited about this month so picking out my favs was a little tricky. I also may have gone on a mini haul on fragrance direct over the weekend so when that arrives I'm guessing next month will be a little harder. However here is what lotions and potions I've been enjoying this month. 

Twisted sista hair serum £1.
  So as your might be able to tell from the packaging this product is designed for afro hair. Now since my blog is titled little BLONDE life you may have already guessed I don't have afro hair. However this product was recommended to me by a hairdresser some time ago for damaged or dry hair. I recently came across it in a pound shop when I threw it into the basket. I never thought to add this product onto the favourites until this afternoon when I saw sat twiddling my hair around my finger bored at work wondering why my hair felt so silky. Low and behold it was down to this cheap little yet rather amazing product. For the price of this product (I'm not sure but I'm going to put my neck on the line and guess a pound) its worth the try. 

I always seem to suffer from dry hands and I am forever trying different hand creams. I think I currently have 3 on my desk at work, 2 in my handbag and countless scattered around my bedroom. So I know my hand creams! This was a rather good purchase this month and I've already gone through quite a lot of it. It smells nice, is fast absorbing and keeps my hands nice a smooth for a long time. Everything a gal could want in hand cream. It was also thicker than most hand creams and although it was scented it still didn't irritate my skin. The only downside I have is the screw top pot type packaging. Unlike most hand creams with there on the go flip top caps its a little impractical and so for that reason its more a product for a dressing table then and handbag or desk. 

I often find, finding beauty products for my face I like hard to come by. They either feel like they don't work, dry my skin out, make it greasy, or I just see no results whatsoever. However every blue moon I find something I like. The vitimin C Serum has been brilliant for my skin recently and a little of this product massaged gently into my skin seems to work wonders. Although using even the slightest bit more than needed can make the skin feel, not oily as such but it feels as though the product stays on your skin for a long time before it absorbs, I would recommend using this product before bedtime to wake up fresh faced. Or if your like me and need rescuing Sunday morning when you have hangovers from hell and want a day in your Jim jams watching questionable TV it's also perfect then. 

I really did shock myself when I used this product. I've never been a fan of using body lotion much. As a kid whenever sun cream was applied to me I would stand there like a mummy whilst my own mum latherer hell in a bottle onto me before I toddled of in a zombie like walk to jump back into the swimming pool and try and wash of the god awful sun cream of my skin. 
So to say I'm in love with this product. Is a big deal.
As mentioned before my skin is rather sensitive to I avoid anything too heavily perfumed when it comes to body lotions. This doesn't have much of a scent to it what's surprising when you think of lush products. However what really sold me was how quickly absorbent it is. I can scoop out big handfuls of this stuff and not have to worry I've applied too much. It also leaved my skin feeling silky soft.

What are your favourite beauty products?


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