Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Old Peacock

So a little while back I was invited to a VIP opening of the Old Peacock pub. It was a pleasant surprise when the email landed in my little inbox as the pub is a stones throw away from my house.....not the fact a few cheeky free drinks were on offer. I decided to take my dad with me since the pub had been his local since he was 18 (and not a moment sooner). 

I have always been a little jealous of friends who have a good local pub however seeing the transformation I'm now proud as a peacock (get it). I finally have a local pub I actually want to go to. The d├ęcor felt very sophisticated and cosy, yet the pub still incorporated the Leeds United theme (the pub is opposite Elland road football ground) and I did spy some Leeds United wall paper. 

The pub now prides itself on serving real ales and home-made traditional food. I decided to try a pint of the 1919 what is exclusive to the pub and named after the year Leeds United was formed, my dad on the other hand decided to have a glass of white wine what caused the bar tender a little confusion when I started happily sipping away at the pint. The peacock may be an elegant creature, I on the other hand, am not. 

I have since been back to taste the delicious menu on offer and I'm very impresses. I can see myself making many return trips in the future especially to sample there Sunday dinners.

What do you think?

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