Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Refresh rather than relocate

When Look again recently got in touch about their new challenge "refresh rather than relocate" I knew this was something I wanted to take part in. For a while now I've debated the idea of moving out and put of any redecorating or refreshing my bedroom. It's getting a little embarrassing with my pink teenage like bedroom and little old single bed. The main reason for putting of doing anything about this has been simply I keep telling myself I will soon be moving out. I've since had a little brain wave and realised If I start collecting more grown up pieces now it will also mean I already have some furniture to take with me when the day I fly the nest comes. I also really don't think my big double wardrobes would survive a moving. However I do have the sneaky feeling if I refresh up my bedroom I won't ever want to move out. (Sorry mum looks like your stuck with me).

I've been looking for simple pieces that will last me a good few years that will remain looking stylish and elegant for sometime. Here's what I've come up with. 

It seems such an obvious choice to get rid of the pink walls to make my room a little more grown up. This amazing monochrome wall paper is elegant, grown up and yet It still looks a little on the funky retro side. At £18.00 it seems a bargain idea to redecorate to change the feel and look of my room at very little cost. My bedroom faces the sun and is very light therefore the monochrome design won't feel too dark.  

I'm 22 and still sleeping in a single bed. Not that I'm a 7ft basketball player and need loads of room (I'm only a tiny 5ft 2) but I feel an upgrade is needed. It would be nice to be able to spread out and plus think of all the extra fancy pillows and throws I could style it up with. Not that I've even given a thought to all the extra pairs of shoes I could hide away underneath. 

So as I mentioned my big double wardrobe will be a bit of nightmare to ever move and to be honest it doesn't look that stylish. Therefore I think its maybe time to downsize and even though a clothes clear out may be very much needed this Brooklyn 2 door 1 draw wardrobe looks super stylish. Plus with the extra space a smaller wardrobe would save means I would finally be able to have an actual dressing table in my bedroom. Although I think this piece would look way more stylish as a dressing table alternative. 

I've clearly saved the best till last here! Let's take a moment to look at just how stunning this bedside table is. The bright pink can add a pop of colour back into the otherwise monochrome room. This has got to be the ultimate piece what takes the room from something sleek and grown up a little back down to earth for a 22 year old's bedroom. I love the idea of having a little cupboard as opposed to the standard 3 draw bedside table as it would be ideal for storing more "essential" items such as my hair-dryer (usually permanently found laying in the middle of my bedroom).

Total - £750.00

Have you been thinking of re decorating or refreshing any rooms in your house?


*Post is a competition entry for Look Again*

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