Sunday, 20 April 2014

Monthly Shoe Wishlist

Clarks Originals - Woolrich Black & Red Woolrich Desert Boots
£89.99 now £29.99 - Branch 309
I've had these bookmarked on the laptop patiently waiting for pay day for a good few weeks. I say patiently waiting I think sweat has actually hit the keyboard each time I check there still in stock. There gorgeous. I know the picture doesn't really say stylish but have a good nosey at them they look amazing. Unlike the pair below there practical and look easy to throw on. I can imagine these been good autumn, winter shoes with a pair of jeans or some effortlessly stylish fashionista outfit with turned up denim shorts or dungarees come the sunshine. Unfortunately for me the bargain price they are means I can now only find them in stock in size 4's everywhere and tears are now hitting the keyboard. If anyone spots these in a size 5 please tweet me @LilBlondeSammie. 

New Look - Look Amaze All Over Glitter Ankle Boots
£29.99 now £14.50 - ASOS
I promised I was going to be a good girl this month. Then something happened. These glitter ball delights hit the sale. I genuinely can't think any practical use for these, however I had some funds laying about in my Pay-pal account, I saw they hit the sale and you know the rest all too well. I'm thinking a simple black blouse, some disco pants and jackpot..Friday night is sorted. At half price I deserve to feel every bit the rock goddess in these, right?

Funky Jelly Sandals
£10.00 - ASOS
Hands up who had a pair of Jelly Shoes as a kid? Yooohooo *Jumps and waves*. Obviously as a kid these things made you super cool. I had a pair of silver glitter ones with a small heel on them. I freaking loved them. Although I'm pretty sure they only lasted around 1 summer they were awesome. When the 90's fashion started coming back I kind of though, what the hell are they going to bring back from the 90's? I remember pogs in my packets of Monster Munch, been able to get a toy in my box of Wheetos without people fearing I would choke on it and constantly wishing I was a contestant on Fun House. But Fashion. I couldn't remember anything. Then some genius recreated these. Move over Christian Louboutin, this summer I'll be back wearing jelly shoes. 

What's on your wishlist this month?


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