Sunday, 20 April 2014

Blogger Holiday part 2 | Kendal 1657 Chocolate House

So Saturday we all decided to do what bloggers do best and went shopping. We headed of into the nearby village of Kendal for a spot of retail therapy. During the little trip to Kendal there was the realisation we was back to some normality when we notice there was a boots! It was a similar feeling to when you notice you can buy English food on a Spanish holiday.

I had been on the lookout for the Bourjois velvet lipsticks for a while so my main aim for the day was to hunt these down. Unfortunately boots had sold out but they did have some testers to swatch. Having shown the other girls them the main aim of the day then became to hunt down a Superdrug. 

Upon the lipstick witch hunt we also found an amazing little chocolate shop and tea room. We decided to make the most of the day and treated ourself to a cheeky afternoon tea at The Famous 1657 Chocolate House.  I had the tower garden hot chocolate which was a rose flavoured hot chocolate with a side of Turkish delight. This wasn't particularly to everyone's taste but I thought it was rather unique and quite nice. Since we was already in the tea room it would of been rude not to test out there scones with some jam and cream, right? Now I'm no expert but I'm going to say jam first then cream.

With a little podge on, I then proceeded to waddle around Kendal and the shopping re-commenced. It was here I realised Katie has a rather unique skill of spotting make-up counters about a mile away. Seriously Britain's Got Talent watch out!

Finally all shopped out we headed back to the cottage in time for the football (clearly not my choice). Really! The football. A girls weekend away and the football kicked of my Saturday night. I left some of the girls to watch the footy whilst I chilled in the bath and started to get ready. I did come to the realisation that I seemed to take the longest to get ready, although when you have packed so many lovely shoes it take a while to decide what to wear. 

Venturing out for a pub craw around Arnside was a lot of fun. I have a sneaky feeling the Locals may have felt more terrorised, however with 8 girls a little tipsy then what more can you expect. We even stole to local bar tender to come round and make us all cocktails. This was of course after a midnight jog on the beach as you do. I was a little less unimpressed by the beauty of Arnside after I fell into the sea. 

I'm now of to go nurse my bank holiday hangover at Rosie's Diner.

Happy Easter


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