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The Light Leeds dining event

3 Courses 3 restaurants: The Light Dining Event

Firstly I'm back! It seems like ages I haven't blogged (although I think it's been a bout a week). I do apologise but I haven't been too well recently and I've had quite a few late evenings at week, meaning blogging had to take a little back-seat. So where have I been? Well a few weeks ago I was invited down to a rather special little dining event. A 3 course meal at The Light Leeds with each course held at a different restaurant. Pretty amazing right? Ohhh I did I also mention an extra course of cocktails. 

For starters we headed over to Frankie & Benny's for their mouthwatering beef and pork Meatballs Neapolitan served with toasted garlic ciabatta. I've been to Frankie & Bennys multiple times in the past and although it's a new addition to The Light I seem to always overlook it when looking for places to eat. Yet going back I forgot how delightful the place it. It has the standard Frankie & Benny's layout with there take on traditional Italian and it's actually quite charming. I did however forget about the Italian language lessons that play over the speakers in the toilets and spend a good few minuets been a little freaked out and confused trying to work out who was talking at me in the loo. That aside it's a charming little cheap eat with tasty Italian food and will make the perfect pre cinema meal the next time you visit The Light. 

Next up was the main course at Nandos. I've had a love hate relationship with Nandos for a long time now. I'm not sure when the hate part kicked in to be honest, I think it's been from the few dates guys have actually offered to take me on, has been Nandos. A surprising amount of lads seem to think girls will be impressed if they take us to Nandos. We'll take it from me guys no girl will ever be impressed by a first date to Nandos. Although it's good food I really don't want to have to get my own drinks during a date and point blank you look unimaginative and cheap.  

Despite blaming Nandos for my loss of dates due to my lack of enthusiasm, what I do love it for is the food. Let's face it everyone loves a Nandos...when the times right. You know exactly what to expect, good chicken, maybe a side and let's face it it's a cheap eat. Ok so I may have to get my own knife and fork and pour my own drink but the food makes up for it. Plus I can't ever blame the waiters for not been attentive enough. I'm also a sauce hoarder, yep I'm one of those...I get every sauce going and take it my table..the best part in Nandos no one can stop me (commence evil laugh). 

The event really gave me a chance to experience Nandos at it's best. As we arrive all the food was laid out with one giant Nandos feast, cooked chicken, chicken wings, every side going, delicious fresh salads. It was perfect and finally gave me a chance to try macho pea's. I'm usually more a side of mash potatoes girl. All the food was brilliant and I honestly can say despite my "hates" the food was perfect as always. To be honest when you fancy chicken Nando's is pretty darn perfect. 

So with rather fully tummy's we all finally moved on to Browns. The best really was saved until last here with their brownie indulgence trio selection. This is designed as a sharing desert although I did give this my best try I was defeated. The selection included a dark chocolate brownie with a pistachio ice cream, a ginger and milk chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and my personal favourite a white chocolate and raspberry blondie with vanilla ice cream. It was simply amazing and the presentation was stunning. 

This was my first trip to browns and the restaurant is very classy and chic. The restaurant is large and would be the great place for group celebrations. It has a elegant feel about it and unlike Nandos would make the perfect date location. 

Finally I saved my personal favourite till last. Cocktails in the Kanaloa bar at Tiger Tiger. Tiger tiger is always a favourite of mine for a night out. It always seems to have a good mix of people and a good mix of music. It's also located a stones throw from my work so I'm no stranger to a few after work drinks here neither. Recently (actually quite a while back now) the Kanaloa Hawaiian themed tiki-bar was added serving up some refreshing cocktails.

Have you been to The Light?


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