Friday, 15 February 2013

Growing up gracefully.

So i was sat at work clutching a nice warm mug of green tea when it occurred to me a few years ago i couldn't stand green tea. Then the dreaded thought crept into my head, Oh My God i'm getting old!! Well i'm far from old at 21 but i'm defiantly growing up. So i'v put together a little list of the signs that tell me i'm growing up:

1. I now find i can ponder around in the home section of shops and get excited at the thought of what my future home might look like one day.

2. I now drink Gin and Tonics. (No one has ever drank one of these before the age of 21 and enjoyed it)

3. On the same note i now also like rose wine, maybe in a few more years i'll drink red as well.

4. I now like herbal tea (green tea, fruit tea, peppermint i can't get enough of them, apple and cinnamon is my favorite)

5. I now make a budget for the month when i get paid (ok so i don't always stick to it but the thought is there)

6. My music taste is changing if you follow my song list you can see the type of music i enjoy i listen to a lot of my old favorites but my current favorites are Nina Nesbitt and Ben Howard and Jake Bugg

7. I take the cold weather seriously and take a jacket on a night out.

8. I prefer comfy shoes.

9. I prefer to buy books then DVD's, if you read this post you will see my book choices are far from intellectual novels but nether the less i enjoy buying books more. 

10. I prefer giving gifts to receiving gifts at Christmas. 

11. My skincare routine is less Clearasil more Clinique. 

12. A day out with my mum is a nice thing and i don't try walk a mile in front of her. 

13. When i see a new restaurant has opened i get excited and want to go. 

14. My purse is now full of store cards and loyalty cards, it once contained just my pocket money. 

15. I have a 9-5 job and my own desk:


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