Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lush Fun

During the #SheffieldMeetUp we was all kindly invited down to Lush for a demonstration of some of there new products and in particularly their new product FUN

FUN is a multi-purpose product and can be used as a soap, bubble-bath, shampoo or simply for FUN

So where does the FUN part come in to all this I hear you ask? Well, FUN is also like playdoh! Yes you read that correctly. Playdoh. Remember the joys of playdoh as a child well now there's an excuse to re-live that, except this smells a lot better! I also thought the green one had a smell of skittles but unfortunately the products might be multi-purpose but it's not edible. (Although as a child apparently I did eat playdoh on a number of occasions according to my mother. Sam be quite now, no one need to know that story). 

The product can be used like a soap or crumbled under running water to create a bubble bath. I really loved using this product and it made my skin smell amazing.

The product retails at £5 and comes in pink, blue, green, yellow and red. 


Item gifted by Lush

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