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Almost Famous Leeds Review

Every now and then I spot things on twitter which excite me. Quite typically it's usually a new restaurant, more often than not a new burger joint. I happened to notice a few days ago Leeds was going to be joined by a new restaurant called Almost Famous. Despite burger/diner/american restaurants seem to be springing up quickly in Leeds, this one looked a little exciting. 

Obviously from this moment on when you see the pictures it will be hard to disagree with me. If your somewhat of a foodie or a simple nosey parker, you may have noticed the restaurant opened today and obviously I was quite enthusiastic to go check it out. 

Almost Famous Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Almost Famous Leeds

Firstly the restaurant it's self if a pretty impressive retro looking place which kind of made me think, if Walt Disney went to a roller disco then decided he wanted a burger, he would of created this place. 

If you haven't already noticed my table was very unique which was covered with retro sweets, I say my table, I mean the table I made the poor waitress give me..well because it looked that freaking cool. Plus when it had the slogan "Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker" I knew it was the table for me. (getting bit deep for talks of tables). 

When it came to ordering it was a tough choice all the burgers looked good and the other options of pulled pork or steak sandwiches did catch my eye. Yet when I noticed one burger comes with a Oreo ice cream on top, the big kid in me came leaping out (like she hadn't already come out to demand the sweet table) and obviously it was the quickest I've ever decided what to order, in my life. 

Shut Up America Burger £12.00
Cheese, Bacon, Cheesestaeak, BBQ fried onions, Pickles, Chipotle ketchup, Bleu cheese sauce, Oreo ice cream sandwich on top. 
This was quite the impressive burger. I was surprised that it actually came with really large well cooked (pink in the middle) slices of real meaty steak, I was expecting more a steak burger.  I thought that was it, until later on in the burger deconstruction when I actually noticed there were two beef patty's underneath. It was quite the mammoth burger with all the burger classic additions including maple bacon, plenty of fried onions and all the burger sauces you could possibly need. 

Just when you think you can't handle any more...there comes desert in the form of the Oreo ice cream sandwich, which as your obviously curious to didn't melt before I ate it. 

Bacon Bacon Fries £4.00
Winning fries, Baconnaise, Bacon Rain
I've not actually seen these done before and thought it was a nice idea. The fries were nice and crisp, although there was a bit too much seasoning on them. The baconnaise and bacon bits were nice toppings and the topping was a nice amount. Often I find when ordering fries with a topping they are practically a whole meal in themselves but this wasn't too much although I wouldn't recommend a portion to yourself. Well not with such a huge burger anyways. 

Overall I really loved this restaurant, there's some real amazing quirky features hidden away such as the retro photo-booth I noticed. The cocktail menu also looks amazing and after I noticed words such as bubblegum, salted caramel popcorn and candy syrup it defiantly looked creative. I really can't wait to return and try some. 

I genuinely don't want to spoil too much about this place, so I didn't take too many photo's...although I was stupidly eager to post this to show you all. It's defiantly worth checking it out. 

You can find Almost Famous at 23-25 Great George Street, Leeds. The doorway wasn't that obvious although I'm not sure if this was because it was the first day or not, but I do hope it stays a little hidden for added affect. 

Opinions on ice cream and burgers?


*P.S cheat day on the diet needed*

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