Saturday, 23 August 2014

What to wear and pack for a day at a festival #OOTD

Festival outfit
Festival outfit
Festival outfitLeeds Festival 2014 Day Ticket
Top - Primark (Current season)
Shorts: Topshop (old) 
Socks: Primark
Sunglasses: RayBan
Necklace's / Rings / Bracelets - Primark (current season)
Wellingtons - Hunter, Cloggs*
Backpack - Mi Pack, Cloggs*
Festival nail polish
Festival fashion

Just yesterday I was partying the night away at Leeds Festival yet looking back at the photo's seems like it was last year. Festival blue's kicking in. The day went far too quick although I had an amazing time. Having been to the past 7 years for the full weekend to Leeds Fest it felt a little strange going for just the day, although I still had a fantastic time. I saw some of my favourite bands this year including Papa Roach, A Day To Remember and Blink 182.

Dressing for a festival does hold a certain difficulty, especially at Leeds Festival which is notorious for the rain. After the all mighty downpour last year I was a little worried about what to wear. The rain however held of for the day although some parts of the festival more-so in the camp site was still pretty muddy. Luckily I wore my festival staple, Hunter Wellies teamed with some denim shorts and a black chiffon top I picked up a few days ago and some accessories. 

The nights can get very chilli, typically when your stood around waiting for the headline act. Despite a few festival ciders been an obvious way to warm up, I also decided to pack my leather jacket, some gloves and a scarf. 

If your heading to a festival for a day what to pack is a little tricky.. Unlike going for the weekend where you can pop back and forth to your tent a day trip requires a little planning. Plus taking a huge backpack will only result in you getting caught in the crowds of people. Especially if your like me and like to get to the front. Wall of death anyone? 

 I took my new Mi Pac backpack which is a very nice size for a festival or any day trip. I packed a small picnic blanket which defiantly comes in handy when you want to have a sit down, a rain mac and umbrella (just in case), gloves and a scarf for the night time, tissues, face wipes, lip balm, money, phone (advisable to take an old phone), camera and of course don't forget your tickets. Although some people would recommend taking food I would defiantly not advise this. Festival food (especially Leeds) has some very nice food stalls, it is pricey (what can be expected) although there's a huge selection and something for everyone. 

Have you been to any festivals this summer?


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