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Blanx white shock review

Hands up who wants whiter teeth? Yoohoooo, yes please. When I saw the new Blanx White Shock range it defiantly appealed to me. As an avid tea drinker, diet coke fiend and yes the occasional cigarette (naughty naughty), keeping my tooshie pegs pearly white can be a struggle. Therefore any product which offered to keep my whites whiter (is that the Daz advert?) I'm pretty much sold. I've got a few friends with incredibility white teeth and whilst I've quizzed them on more than one occasion what's there secret they all tell me there isn't one and brushing regularly and using a good toothpaste is there trick. Whilst I can't help feel disappointed there's no magical answer, it's a pretty obvious one. 

The blanx's White shock range includes the Blanx White Shock tooth paste with LED accelerator, Blanx White Shock mouth wash and the Blanx White shock gel pen. 

 Blanx White Shock tooth paste with LED accelerator
Firstly I'm 100% aware of how much of a gimmick this appears. 

The LED attachment screws onto the tube and tuns on and off when the lid is twisted. Confused as to what the benefits of the LED addition were I think for the first time in my life I read the manual (yep toothpaste with a manual). To explain in it in well, a blondes way, the light activates the toothpaste which whitens your teeth. This also carries on working after you have brushed, as it reacts to light this means the more you smile the whiter your teeth can become. If I'm honest I can't say there's been a huge whitening effect however the concept is fantastic and one thing the toothpaste does provide is a very good clean feeling. One that did surprise me, it really gives teeth the squeaky like polished feeling which is always nice. Also the lights are harmless so you can still use the toothpaste as many times as you would like in replace of your regular toothpaste for better whitening powers. One thing I did notice after a while is the toothpaste had a slight metallic taste although this wasn't something that bothered me. 

Blanx White Shock mouth wash
I use this morning and night and the taste was pleasant. Ok obviously It's pretty hard to review mouthwash. Along side the other products the small gradual whitening effect I did notice I'm obviously going to credit the toothpaste. However since it's a mouth wash aimed at whitening it's a good addition to add into your routine if your wanting whiter teeth. 

Blanx White shock gel pen
The idea behind the whitening pen is you can whiten your teeth on the go. If I'm honest I wouldn't use this product again. When I'm out and about I've yet to have a moment where I think, "I need to whiten my teeth" although I can believe some people would. Maybe after a morning coffee perhaps. Or maybe if your willing to go the extra mile for a special occasion. Instead I used this product before bed. The whitening gel pushed up through the pen in a similar way to some lip glosses, you then brush the product onto your teeth. My concern with this was the gel is touching your gums and I thought this may have a bad effect yet the gel didn't seem that strong and I didn't have any issues with this. It was also difficult to see how much product you were applying to your teeth and where about's due to the clear formula.   

Overall I would repurchase the toothpaste for the brilliant deep clean feeling, although the whitening pen wasn't for me. 

Blanx's products available at: Blanx | Boots | superdrug


*Product provided for review purposes, all opinions remain and my and remain unbiased*

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